کتک خوردن سخنگوی وزارت خارجه جمهوری اسلامی در نیویورک
26-Sep-2012 (9 comments)

کتک خوردن رامین مهمانپرست سخنگوی وزارت خارجه جمهوری اسلامی ایران در نیویورک

IRI Foreign Ministry Ramin Mehman Parast attacked by Iranian protesters in NY

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by Shemirani on


You are making a big deal of 4 fosh ! "insulting" is not a sign of fanatism or extremism  not even a sign of being undemocratic ! it's just a sign of ANGER ! it's not correct and it's not reasonnable, fair enough but  do you think people around you don't insult for less than ? why are you so judgemental with iranians ?? Do you want 70 Millions Irooni to be polite like good little boys&girls ?!  to control themselves ?!!!!  be quiet and respectful,  disconnect from emotions & then what ??! so idyllic !

i do understand that you are having a global vision of thinks ! even if you don't have any solution yet ! the rage of our compatriots living inside Iran will grow more&more and soon we will see these incidents inside (it already started with the girl who had beaten a mullah in the eyes)! Anger & indignation are part of a liberation process*  ! without it we stay in a vegetative state ! Inert like Mullahs want us to be !


* doesn't mean i m glad about a spate of violence to come ! it's just a process that occurs when people are under too much oppression and iranian are not exception on earth !



This pages comment are

by nojanthegreat on

This pages comment are only about the news at hand and not 2009 election. This person is officially and legally speak person for Iranian foreign ministry . No matter who is president and foreign minister , he is an Iranian official and legal represent of Iranian people in UN. Just because you don’t like AN and did not vote for him , does not mean that he is not supported by millions of Iranian. Not all Iranian think the same , people have many different political believes .

No matter how much you try there is no justification for the action of this group. Mob mentality is harmful

To our society interest, this bulling culture need to stop.

Iran is not a traditional theocracy regime. Iran have parliament and is republic. Even leader can be changed legally. Now Iranians know what they don’t want , but they never know what they want. The said Ghajar dynasty is weak and bring shame to the people. Then when first Pahlavi came to power they see how a good leader come to power and build the society . Second Pahlavi also did a lot of modernization. He acted more secular than his dad. But what did happened ? Did we not rebelled against him . Didn’t we choose clergy over him ? People had all the liberties that they seek today. But they needed more and what they did not have. We brought clergy back to the power and ….

Iranian by nature are fanatic and extremist. They also believe more in supernatural power than they like to confess to. We say we are not religious but we all have our own spiritual mind. We go from one extreme to another .

In the end I do not want to change the subject here. This official need to be respected and people need to stop this mob mentality.

We need to stop making choices solely base on emotions and hearth feeling. We have to do the correct thing from beginning .



by Shemirani on

These thieves walking in NY streets and in UN's building are not representing IRAN. They are part of an unelected government  !!!! Were you in a deep coma in june 2009 ?!!! Helllo ???!!!

 And in addition to that, majority of iranians don't want this theocracy ANYMORE. These Rishoo had lost all their legitimacy.  we should let know the west about it and it's excactly the purpose of this action (vulgar, violent what ever you qualify it): showing the world our dissatisfaction about J.E ! It's a very normal reaction in front of oppressors ! what did you expect ?!!!

 I do empathize with my people, no one can blame them to be angry ! and Being a patriot is not just having nice theory about respect blablabla its also fighting for your rights and principles and regain your land & freedom !!

About an anti war mob, i totally agree with you we can have a great antiwar mob and i am sure majority of iranians are against a war and they will join it  !!! But if there is a war I will blame First of all the Islamic republic for provoking Israel for decades (shouting "down to Israel" is their national sport/ A.N's declaration that israel should be erased from the map !!......... ) All this silly provocations are the leading cause of a war ! these bunch of Irresponsible are causing our lost !


ps: btw i'm not a MR.



@ MR Shemirani

by nojanthegreat on

@ MR Shemirani

Well they have been suffer before and they are suffering now more than any other time in recent US history. Unlike many Iranian who live in California or east coast and enjoy a prosperity life, many American are losing their jobs and homes. During last 10 years billions of hundreds of billion dollars of tax payer have been send to the bankers pockets and many people have lost their savings and homes. 50 million people in way under poverty and many more under paid. And their political system is also full of errors. Congers approval rating is in one digit . Many cities are bankrupt and well the story goes on.

We don’t need to pretend to be civilized , we can really work toward becoming a civilization like we once were. Its an independent idea of any western influence. Respecting others can be on top of that list. Respecting other and their opinions, because my dear friend we are not all one. We are a nation of man, many different ideals and beliefs. We have royalist who will themselves be divided into many groups. We have MEK and its followers . On another side we have communist and socialist who well are divided to numerous groups and think thanks. We also have reformist , who age or were part of the many different governments in IRI era. These are only part of opposition . In Iran there are a great majority of people who are not trying to change the regime and just want some more freedom and equal opportunity in Iran’s economic market.

My dear , patriotism is a very noble cause and should not be used this lightly. Patriotism is loving once country unconditionally .its mean working day and night to improving her situation in global scene . Its caring for her interest where ever and where ever. Parts is standing in front on AIPAC and BIBI who is in war with Iran . Why not a single Iranian soul did protest his highness visit to NYC? We were busy hating ourselves. Arabic tribe did conquer Persia and defeat Sassanian , not because they were of number or they have a great army. They won because Sassanian and Parts. Great number of people who are working in the government today and also great number of IRG have been serving Iran during the 1980s war with Iraq. They were fighting in front lines, when most of MEK and Royalist and other groups were in service of Iraq and USA against the interest of Iran . So if they are not more , they are as patriots as anyone.

Patriotism is not acting like a mob and use a vulgar language and …… against an official from Iranian government.

Along side learning civilization and basics of democracy , Iranian also need to learn to be responsible for their actions and honest about their motives.

That would help use way more than anything else. Plus what is the gain of this actions any way ?

We need to think about a solid resolution about our situation . We would not gain anything by this

Short term activities and need to thing more deeply about our situation .



Anaesthetic talk

by Shemirani on

I know for sure, if a very "civilized" French (or American) was suffering because of a barbarian governement. They  all will REACT much more STRONGER and much more FASTER !!!! to pretent to be civilized like western people you should  also learn to behave like them when it comes to patriotism !!!! Now spare us your Civilisation lessons for dummies !

We all are one (Iranian Despora and Iranians inside Iran) ! Few insults and some hustles it's  nothing compare to what this thieves & murders did to all of us (and still doing each day). In a democratic place all this gangesters would be in jail to the end of time  ! The anger of my compatriots is very naturel and justify !

Each time, iranians are showing their discontent against the Islamic regime, you see these moralizing" mini-mollah" quicly showing up lecturing, critisizing and finally anaesthetizing the mouvement !!!!!



talk about uncivilized people.

by nojanthegreat on

what a scene !!you don’t see this every day . vulgar language mob mentality and no attempt to spark a logical discussion and dialogue. I don’t know if they were members of MEK or not , but they seems to be some how organized. I think Iranian foreign speaker was wrong to condemn NYC police force , I think they did not understood the level of vulgar and security treat. he should have hired private security as well , they can push the envelope further. if this is our view of democracy or freedom of speech , I think we are better with dictators. it was an embracing moment. I hope it never happen again.


به اميد روز محاكمه اش


نوش جونش


Can you imagine what

by vildemose on

Can you imagine what Iraians insdie would do to these monsters once IRI is done? 


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


You can see the fear in their faces

by Faramarz on



Great close up.

Thank you Iranians in New York. Show these bastards a preview of what's coming their way.

They don't look so tough without hundreds of Basijis around them.