What Ben Affleck’s 'Argo' Misses About Iran
Daily Beast / Roya Hakakian
28-Oct-2012 (2 comments)

As one of the students protesting outside the American embassy during the Iran hostage crisis, Roya Hakakian writes about her unique perspective on Ben Affleck’s film Argo. But she says the film misses the essential point that the hostages were merely a sideshow to the Ayatollah’s seizing tighter control of Iran

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Sheila K

Ms. Hakakian, you are being a bit of a narcissist

by Sheila K on

I think Ms. Hakakian is not aware of the fact that Iran was labled a
terrorist nation because of  confused, ignorant, brain-washed mob of
students (by the way, speaks so much about the university students of
the time) took over a foreign embassy breaching every international law.
I am not sure she understand the kind of catastrophe it caused for
Iran's image in the world nor does she care. She needs to educate herself
about the science of diplomacy.


Wrong Film

by bahmani on

Unfortunately the film is not about any of the commentary made by Ms. Hakakian. While it may have been entertaining to reminisce about ditching school to fist pump first-hand on the scene in 1979, the sharpness of the hostage taking stick that was poked into the eye of the US national psyche, and the sad commentary of continuously failed and failing US foreign policy, was the actual real point of the film.

There is no retribution, no happy ending. Iran is merely the most famous reflective foil. of bad US foreign policy creating the current condition we know as "Iran". Neither the Iranian people nor their current masters have EVER been at the helm of their destiny. Proof is in front of you.

Iran's history is full of these intrigues, highly engaging stories, and a wonderful source for many books of fiction. But sadly, self determination or the freaking clue that they could even have it, has puzzlingly eluded Iranians repeatedly throughout their 2500 year existence. So much so, that "Iranian" is more of a social syndrome, rather than the great tragedy that Iranians keep positing.

If it wasn't, Iran would be free today.

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