IRAN 1988: Judgement time
The Economist / The Economist
30-Oct-2012 (2 comments)

During the summer of 1988 alone, 5,000 political prisoners were hanged from cranes or shot by firing squad under a direct fatwa issued by Ayatollah Khomeini, the supreme leader. The victims were leftists, students, members of opposition parties and ethnic and religious minorities—many originally sentenced for non-violent offences, such as distributing leaflets or taking part in demonstrations.

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Crimes against Humanity

by Truthseeker9 on

The UN must try Iran`s 1988 murderers

The mass murderers of 1988 now hold power in Tehran. The world must make them face justice

"The regime decided they should be eradicated so they would not trouble the postwar government, and Khomeini issued a secret fatwa authorising their execution.... It bears some comparison to the death marches of allied prisoners at the end of the second world war – the Japanese generals responsible were sentenced to death at the Tokyo trials. ... there is no statute of limitations on prosecuting crimes against humanity, and the mass murder of prisoners already serving sentences for political protests must count as one of the gravest of unpunished crimes. The fact that they were killed ostensibly because they did not believe in God – the God of the ayatollah's revolution – makes their slaughter a form of genocide: the destruction of a group because of its attitude to religion."

Dainasur and amu maad agha

Criminals are ruling the world!

by Dainasur and amu maad agha on

They will pay for their crimes here and There soon!