The Gaza War Was Not Iran's War
Al Monitor / Meir Javedanfar
25-Nov-2012 (6 comments)

It's becoming clear that major Palestinian groups have realized that the Khamenei regime would fight Israel to the last Palestinian, and this is a price which they are unwilling to pay.

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where would Gaza been w/out Iran? in Heavens, similar to Swiss !

by easycake on

where would've Gaza been w/out Iran? Gaza would have been valued
to Israel what India has been to USA as it’s main “Outsourced” center for “IT, Software
development, and Service to USA" has been – that is “Without influence, help
and Hatred that Iran Regime is rooting there”.
Gaza would have formed to be a close community, free zone, with much Less
regulations (or Unions) as it was in Hong King over China, or what Kuwait used
to be for Iran 30-40yr’s ago… !

Look at how much Money is invested “by Israel” in Stock-market here; they are the
1st of Foreign Co’s on Nasdaq.

With all the money available to Entrepreneurs in Israel, they would have made Gaza
the Free zone, tax free to their benefit. Just the Same “win-win situation” that
British Entrepreneurs did in H.K. .

Gaza is controlled by same people as the Ruthless leaders of Iran. it is ran
the Same exact way ... 

the Gangs in Iran took over the Country. in my own neighborhood, near the
Jamshidieh Military Base (Padegan Nezami) the Gangs who used to pick on pretty married-women,
or spent many months in Jail for Knifing others for 500-Tooman money; became
the Passdaar & Komiteh-ee/bassigee of the neighborhood! 

same thing is happening in Gaza: "with the help of Allah o Iran = the
Allah is great to Gangs because of Iran Regime's Help(big Gang!)!

how shame-less some of our people have become to see it the I.R.I. way!!

people of Gaza need to do the same as what our people in Iran need to do, and get
Rid of the Gangster regime in Gaza, and take control of their own Lives

then they would start the Trade and services exchange with Israel. Israel is
heaven to Philippino’s, Thai and other 30K African nationals who come there for


Without Islamic republic,

by firstdayofmylife on

Without Islamic republic, there would have not been GAZA....with friends like Islamic repbulic, Palestinians don't need enemies.

Esfand Aashena

Set aside Iran for a second where would've Gaza been w/out Iran?

by Esfand Aashena on

Presumably like West Bank where the landscape is littered with illegal settlements and checkpoints?  No other Arab country is helping, or has helped Palestinian in the past?  Like pre-1979 who financed them?

The whole idea that you can blockade and cut off 1,700,000 souls from the rest of the world and deny them exit/entry with 40% unemployment is ____ (you fill in the blank).

Israeli wanted the ceasefire as much as the Palestinians otherwise they'd have continued.  My question is that since Israel is incapable of responding to such a crisis right under its nose with premitive military (read rebel) capabilities, why does it think it can take on Iran? 

Everything is sacred


The Islamic Republic thought

by firstdayofmylife on

The Islamic Republic thought Egypt's President will take the side of Hamas and IRI but much to their chagrin, that was not to be; IRI is more isolated than anytime in its abominable history.


However, by making such a

by firstdayofmylife on

However, by making such a public declaration, Mr. Larijani and Gen. Jafari have also provided a major strategic gift to the government of the state of Israel and others in the region who want to see the Iranian regime isolated, namely Saudi Arabia. For years, both governments have accused Iran of providing assistance to militant groups, however lack of evidence has been one of their major handicaps. The fact that Iran played a sophisticated cat and mouse game whereby it succeeded in not leaving its fingerprints made the job for Israel, Saudi Arabia and the US government all the more frustrating. Now that such high-ranking officials openly admit to having supplied weapons to groups in Gaza, the job of isolating Iran will be even easier than before. This is a gift from Tehran which the Israeli government and AIPAC will loathe to see go to waste. It's not difficult to imagine that armed with such evidence they are now going to call for more sanctions against the Iranian regime, and thanks to the evidence from Tehran, they will have a higher chance of success. The Saudis are also likely to use the admissions of support for Gaza groups as evidence to place pressure on the Morsi government to control the weapons supply tunnels into Gaza. So far, since coming to power, Morsi has already destroyed many Gaza tunnels. It's quite possible that now more pressure will be placed on him by the Saudis to stem the flow of weapons into Gaza. With Egypt's economy requiring much-needed financial support from various sources including the Saudis, it's very possible that in the future Morsi will try to stem the flow of weapons into Gaza with more vigor.

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Great Analysis

by Faramarz on



Going to war with someone else's blood and flesh, that's the Islamic Republic. It is no different than Khomeini sending kids to walk on mines in Iraq.