Iran’s Claim of Drone Capture Is Denied by U.S.
04-Dec-2012 (one comment)

 Iran said its Revolutionary Guards Corps naval forces captured an American drone that it said entered Iranian airspace over the Persian Gulf, state television reported on Tuesday. The claim was quickly denied by the United States.

Iranian state media said the aircraft was a ScanEagle built by Boeing, which according to the company’s Web site is an unmanned drone that can be launched and operated from ships.

The U.S. Navy has fully accounted for all unmanned air vehicles (UAV) operating in the Middle East region. Our operations in the Gulf are confined to internationally recognized water and air space,” a spokesman for U.S. Naval Forces Central Command in Bahrain said, according to Reuters. “We have no record ... >>>

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Looking for Fish in the Persian Gulf

by Faramarz on



These baby drones are used for spotting tuna fish by fishermen and are also used as flying weather stations. They are launched by a catapult (Manjeneegh) and land using a rope (like volleyball net!)

They are used by UAE, Australia and Canada as well as the US Navy in the Persian Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan. This one probably was lost some time ago and is being shown now. Although there is significant intelligence activity over Bushehr nowadays because the Regime is removing nuclear fuel from there.