Walls say it all

Argentina 25 years after restoration of democracy

by Shervin
I was in Buenos Aires (BA), Argentina, to attend a wedding around a year ago (April 2006). I took these pictures, on a beautiful day when I was strolling around—off the tourist track. By chance I discovered Plaza Houssay, in front of the Faculty of Medicine. The place is full of beautiful murals (graffitis?), and I realized that this was an unusual memorial for victims of the military rule in Argentina. Perhaps that is why these images resonated with me more than the typical tourist. In fact, almost 25 years after democracy was restored in Argentina the memory of the junta and their “Dirty War” is still present in BA. Of course, there’s much more to BA: the beautiful Porteños (BA locals), tango, the architecture, the food and wine (can’t beat those juicy steaks at USD 5!), football, the energy, and the big city’s hustle and bustle. BA is definitely one of those cities, like New York City, which reminds me of Tehran!.