Kalleh Pacheh

Babak & Tiam cooking



Who gave you this recepie??

by Anonymouszzzzz (not verified) on

You guys have a good sense of humor, but you have your recepies completely mixed up.

Red Wine

Aragh Kou Pas ?

by Red Wine on

Agha jan,kalleh pacheh bahas bahash ''aragh'' bokhori ta hal koni,gheir az in faydeh na'areh !


  you can find recipe

by siminkhanum on


you can find recipe for kalleh paacheh here:





Yes We DO

by bebintv on

Hi Farrad02.....

You're absolutely right... professional help is something we defenietly need, but then we might not be as creative as we currently are, i guess it's debateable if it is creative.

But on another note, thanks for the recipe update... the smell was a huge problem when we were filming, and the final product...but it sure did taste amazing....

keep watching :)


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You guys need professional help

by farrad02 on

Great work guys. But you guys need serious help. And I'm not talking about kaleh pacheh at all!!!!!!! :-D I love kaleh pacheh. By the way, your recipe has a major flaw. The authentic recipe calls for discarding the biled water a couple of times. This will reduce the fowl smell.


Mmmmmm.... YUM!

by Siamack on

Watching this has opened every salivatory gland in my mouth. It looks seriously delicious.


Siamack Salari