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Some of the staff and managers of Radio Zamaneh in front of their building in Amsterdam, July 2006. I had a feeling they would become a vibrant and professional media oulet. Only a year after launch, I'm thrilled to say they indeed have. In fact I will argue Radio Zamaneh -- including its web site -- is THE best Iranian medium inside or outside Iran. Tell me, who does a better job? No one!
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Sure they have done well...

by Anonymous on

But can we ever trust another state-funded media by a western country broadcasting "truth" into Iran? I can respect because they do not receive money from any country. (That I know of)

But Zamaneh does. They have to deal with the consequences.

jamshid entezami


Congratulations To All of you

by bebintv on

Good Job to all of you and your staff for all of your hard work!

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