Bahram Moshiri

Reveals Emam Jafar Sadegh's opinion on music


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He is Awesome

by Jitterball (not verified) on

i like how he points out stupid religious facts and i like how he talks loud and without any sort of hesitation
about public beliefs. i have rarely seen him making mistake about subject and he specifically goes through
all the details and warn you that this is what i'm talking about and don't get me wrong, but yet a lot of people don't understand what he says and label him stupidly.


Moshiri and Ahmadinejad

by Bijan.shorabi (not verified) on

Dear Sir,

That is interesting what you say I was thinking also that Moshiri and AhmadiNejad have something in common. They have no respect for others who think otherwise. This is the main problem in our society. It seems that we are all gratuated from one school, school of Shah. All of us should learn that with one eye look at our manner of thinking and with other to others thinks. We should learn fraternity.

Thank you


Eilati phylosopher

by Bijan.shorabi (not verified) on

What does Mr. Moshiri is very interesting and could be helpful to advance our society. He opened a new philosophical academy; but problem is that this academy has no window outside to see others; to see other schools of thinking; other people… His academy has 4 philosophers, 4 poets, 4 writers and he hates others. He hates Shamloo because he belongs to left parties he hates Shahriar because he was a traditional man with religious tendency.

Mr Moshiri is a good philosopher of his Eil ( bakhtiari). That is good if every Eil, village and city has his own philosopher. But what we need is somebody who can see every body; can see all schools of thinking and bring a solution to put together our divided society. Somebody who has respect to, at least, somebody.

Mr Moshiri has the same problem that our entire intellectuals have: very individualist and expressing his own personal understanding with no respect to others.


He actually invented Vajebi.

by imam 15hom (not verified) on

He actually invented Vajebi.


Emam Jafar Sadegh invented the Internet

by farrad02 on

I read in a Ghom newspaper that Emam Jafar Sadegh wrote the first RFC for TCP/IP protocol and therefore we can consder him the true inventor of the Internet!


well done

by Anonymous11111 (not verified) on

Bahram Moshiri , one day the whole world will appreciate your work, good job, please continue and let stupidity fade away


The onus

by Ajam (not verified) on

This is not about this guy, but rather the stupefying religious claims. The onus is not on Moshiri. He simply points out to the elephant in the room. The burdon of proof is on those who claim that imam this and imam that where prodigies, scientists or miraculous healers and... They are the ones who have to present the facts and proof substantiating their claims about, for instance, imam Jafar-e Sadegh being a scientist (e.g. what book/books he wrote, what field of study did he concentrate his researches on, what scientific theory did he manage to coin as a result...?).
I do not agree with everything Dr. Moshiri says, but I pick him over Kasraee at any time. Kasraee claimed to be an intelectual, yet during the 1979 revolution he wrote the famous poem in praise of Mohammad as a just and fair prophet (this coming from a proponant of gender equality!). An intelectual's duty, especially at historic turning points, is to warn people of looming threats the reactionary agenda pose to the society rather than riding the tide of public Euphoria and adding feul to the religious fervor!
As a result, in shortage of 200,000 classrooms, there are thousands of emamzadehs being built all over Iran and no one has the guts to question as to why should a seventh, eighth or 10th generation offspring of some imam be so revered in the 21st century to take precedence over children's education?! Or why is Ahmadinejad allocating $250,000,000 to spruce up Jamkaran (a well recently proclaimed as the abode of the twelfth imam) while the Tehran underground sewage system's everhaul depends on the 20,000,000 loan from the Worls Bank!

Ali P.

To: Anonymous787

by Ali P. on

  I grew up, being told Imam Jafar eh Sadegh was bahr-ol-oloom, ocean of knowledge, a prodigy, amazed everyone with his intelligence,"the Western scientists picked him as the brightest scientist of all times".

  What he actually invented, discovered, developed,or presented was never mentioned, and for whatever reason, no one asked.

 Then I read Shoja'edeen eh Shafaa's Tozeeh-ol-masaael, and got to know about Jafar eh Sadegh's brilliant quotes and ideas. "Don't clip your nails on Wednesdays", was one of his teachings, and the likes of what Moshiri just shared here.

  If you have any useful teaching of his, by all means, share with us. I am afraid "Jaber ibn Hayyan who is considered the father of chemistry by both the west and the east was a student of Imam Sadegh " is just not going to cut it for most of us.

Of course, you may still believe what you want to believe, and I do not have any problem with that, as long as you let us believe what we do.


Ali P.


This is the same guy who

by Arash55 (not verified) on

This is the same guy who calls Shamlu and Siavash Kasraee "uneducated" and mocks their poems. He is constantly lying , distorting fact and feeding on the unfortunate hatred and racism that exists among so many Iranians.

If a fraction of his statements were translated in English, he would have been legally perused and his show would have been canceled.

Plus, he Moshiri is in no way a "scholar", he is just a tv show host.


Whoever wrote that book is

by roxana-- (not verified) on

Whoever wrote that book is just as stupid as this guy is.



by Ajam (not verified) on

Dr. Moshiri is one of the brightest contemporary Persian scholars. He always backs up his references by excerpts from ISLAMIC texts (i.e. Koran, Nahjolbalagheh, Hadiths...) and/or books written by ISLAMIC HISTORIANS and scholars (e.g. Molla Sadra, Baihaghi, Tabari...) to say the least.
He never resorts to insults or immoral tactics in his rebuttals. He just simply and eloquently points out the discrepancies, falsehoods and absurdities existing in those religious texts.
I wish we had more like him. For the past 1300 years we've had millions of clergy who have told us their version of things, and at the moment there are half a million akhoonds who propogate superstitious fables in Iran on colosal public, petro-dollar budgets. Why is it that they are so afraid of this guy that they go to any length to character-assassinate him?!


this guy is great

by MRX1 (not verified) on

finaly some one is telling us the truth about cult of islam.



by Anonymous787 (not verified) on

I would like to remind everyone that Jaber ibn Hayyan who is considered the father of chemistry by both the west and the east was a student of Imam Sadegh (PBUH&H). That is a historical fact very well accepted every where. Given that, I am not sure if the reference he made was correct or if it is even a valid Hadith. Idiots like Moshiri just have a huge vendetta inside themselves towards Muslims and Iranian Muslims. They think that just b/c they can afford a TV channel which almost no one watches (except maybe for the horribly made music videos) people will listen to their garbage. So, according to Mr. Moshiri, the over 90% Shia population of Iran are all mis-informed, stupid idiots who need an un-educated rich moron like him to teach them Islam, Iranian history and culture. The likes of Ayatollah Tabatabaie, Dr. Hossein Nasr and all those who studied and taught in Qom and in esteemed institutions all around the world and all Iranians around the world are just silent idiots. The un-educated Mr. Moshiri knows more....Its sad where we have come as a nation.. just sad...everybody thinks they know everything.. from Ahmadinejad to Moshiri..


He iis the best

by Asggar (not verified) on

I really like the way he's talking about islam with always documents and proof. here there are more than 600 youtube of him ;



by bahram9821 on

Couple of years ago I saw an article in Keyhan newspaper saying that Emameh Jafar sadegh invented Jooshkaree( welding).