Dhara Jobrani

My boy at 6 months

One of the advantages of having a little baby this time of year is that you can use him as a tree ornament. This year he's the angel on top of the tree. I also think his diaper is wet. Yes, the angel peed his pants. We wish everyone a wonderful Holiday season and a great new year. May all your stocks and home values go up, and may your gas costs remain low. As always here is an update on upcoming shows. Please forward to anyone you think might be interested. You will see a few new shows added below in Hermosa Beach and Houston. Also, the tickets for DC are now on sale as well. ALL TICKETS AVAILABLE AT WWW.TICKETMASTER.COM - JUST ENTER "MAZ JOBRANI" IN THE SEARCH BOX. (Tickets for the Comedy and Magic Club shows are at Tickets for the Houston show are at


Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

If you are using a real Christmas tree, having an angel with a wet diaper perched atop the tree will help keep the pine needles moist, so that your tree stays fresher, longer.

That can come in handy if you're one of the types that keeps your Christmas tree up until after Norouz.

However, I must advise against using electric lights.

Such a sweet looking boy!


Khodadad Rezakhani

Congrats, but a question

by Khodadad Rezakhani on

Dear Maz:

Why are you spelling his name with an H after the D? Why not just Dara? Or am I missing something? (sorry, my philologist side talking...)



by Shah Hossein (not verified) on

Beautiful kid.Thank you for showing him to us.
Enjoy your family.


To Maz the pedar.... he

by suomynona (not verified) on

To Maz the pedar....

he looks like a darling little "pedar sookhteh"

here is wishing you and family the best, as you continue to bring lots of joy to the rest of us with your socialy concious comedy

you are truly blessed

David ET


by David ET on

What a lovely Christmas tree angel and a great way to put our kids to use at an early age, considering that they will also water and nutrition the tree during the season. Just make sure to bring him down after the holidays, they grow fast.

Mine are now taller than the Christmas tree, so with recession and all, we decided not to buy a tree and hang the ornaments on them instead and put them on rotating shifts. They even know how to blink ;-)

Wishing you , your family and your angel happiness and joy during the holiday season and the new year. Keep up the good work buddy.



Using his own child

by RahaE (not verified) on

Are you kidding me!
Just like Dariush using his son for "tabligh"
way to Maz, this is very sad.

His only 6 months old...

Humanity 2009!


Maz you are the greatest!

by Maz fan (not verified) on

Maz you are the greatest! for us ;-) now :) what a sweet child. khoda bebakhsheh va zir sar pedar va madaresh salamat bashe.