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Who is the very first king according to Iranian mythology? Keyumars (کیومرث), older Persian Kayōmart , was the first Shāh of the world according to the poet Firdausī's Shāhnāma. The character of Keyumars is based upon a figure from a Zoroastrian creation myth, called in the Avesta Gayō Marətan and in later Zoroastrian texts Gayōmard or Gayōmart >>>
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by IRANdokht on

Kayumars was the first human being and the first monarch of the cosmic age.
Fereydun is the first king of the mythic age. His long rule affords us a better look at his administration and time. We learn, for instance, that he inspired unity and might in the early stages of his rule but that, in the end, his kingdom was fraught with discord and division. Fereydun divided his world by assigning Rum and the west to Salm, by assigning him an army, and charging him with the defense of the western borders. He assigned Turan and China to Tur, to whom he assigned a similar army, and dispatched him to the eastern marches of the empire. To Iraj, his youngest and favorite son, he bestowed the rest of his domain, which included Iran. This division appeared equitable to Fereydun but not to his elder son, Tur, or to his second born, Salm.



Khodadad Rezakhani


by Khodadad Rezakhani on

Actually, in the Avesta Gayo Martan (Gayo= life, Martan= mortal "mard") is the first (primordial) man, not king [c.f. Arthur Christensen's Le premier homme et le premier roi dans l'histoire legendaire der Iraniens).

Also, it is not "Older Persian" that has Kayomart (what is "older Persian" btw?). In classical New Persian, the fifth letter of the Persian alphabet was pronounced like an English unvoiced "th" (as in thing). So, the name of the chap was pronounced, at the time that Firdowsi was composing his verses about him, "Kayomarth".

In the Avesta, Haushingha (Per. Hushang) is the first king.


Akharin shah Mohamad-Reza

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Akharin shah Mohamad-Reza Pahlavi nist chon baba-sh koodeta kard, nassleh Qhajar-ham ro que ba agha-mamad khan shoroo shod que velesh, ... Rasti lotfan yeh Quizz beghozarid que bebinim akharin shah vagheE Iran qui bood?


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I know sooner or later the quiz would be " who was the last king "!

So, I know the answer and I claim to be the winner of that quiz.