Hassan Nemazee

Hillary Clinton finance adviser

Adviser to Clinton Meets With President of Syria

WASHINGTON, February 15, 2008 (New York Sun) — One of the national finance chairmen for Senator Clinton presidential campaign left Damascus last night after a visit there as part of a RAND Corp. delegation to meet with Middle Eastern leaders.

According to the Syrian press, the RAND delegation met with President Assad on Wednesday, the day the world learned that a Hezbollah master terrorist, Imad Mugniyeh, was slain in a car bombing in the Syrian capital.

The New York Sun confirmed the presence of the Clinton campaign official [and chairman of the Iranian American Political Action Committee], Hassan Nemazee, on the RAND delegation through two sources familiar with the trip. In addition, the night manager of the Four Seasons Hotel in Damascus told the Sun: "Mr. Hassan Nemazee has been checked out of the hotel. He left the night of the 14th."

The Clinton campaign offered no comment last night. Mr. Nemazee's assistant in New York would only say Mr. Nemazee was traveling >>> FULL TEXT



you don't know hwho he is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by taraneh (not verified) on

When I read some garbage that be written about this man I become so sad because this usually happened to all Iranian successful men so Mr. Hassan Nemazee is one of them.
First of all I want to answer to this question (what was wrong with this spelling: Namazi?) About more than 120 years ago as the most of this family members were located in Hong Kong , Shaghai and Bombai and as the foreigners pronounced (Nemazee) so from that time this family write their family name in Nemazee. ( all the documents from 120 years ago are existed).
Secondly this family was rich about more than 300 years ago and it's shown in all the properties documents which still existed and it’s not something that happened during 50 or 60 years.
Third he never jumped in Islamic republic government for many reasons:
1- All his family fortune was taken by Iranian current government.
2- Iranian current government hates this family because of their good name.
3- Iranian current government wrongly says that this family is Bahaiee.
Any way I wish him a luck and more power.



Nemazee - Now campaign finance chair

by James Christy (not verified) on

This guy keeps busy. I think he's being open about his relationship with the Clinton campaign now that
Hassan Nemazee
is officially running the finances of the campaign.

It's interesting that he kept a low profile if he was planning to later take a major role. I think he may actually want to be an ambassador after all. But probably not anything in the middle east - more like
Hassan Nemazee
, ambassador to Italy,


A few reminders for those who may need it.

by DOOSTET (not verified) on

- RAND Corp is another in a long list of war mongering US imperialist think-tanks.

- "New York Sun" paper is incredibly shameless in its pro-zionist viewpoint.

- There is no difference between Democrat/Republican in its objectives. Both these groups love today's regime in Iran. Yes, thats right. Its oppressive, pro-capitalist and anti-democratic......just like the regime in the US. Their only problem with it is that it wont keep quiet about criminal Israel. Though there have been signs before and continue to be today that this might change and then finally the imperialist US and false prophet Iran will be buddy buddy again.

It may be a disgrace to see Hassan Nemazee shoe shining american boots. Though it truly is pathetic to see some people here actually believe anybody in the US ruling class gives a damn about Iran or its "freedom."

Have the pools of blood in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Somalia in recent times not given you enough of a chance to learn that? It is a dishonor to those saintly souls who perished there.


Meet Mr Mystry Man

by siasatmadar (not verified) on

to know Hassan Nemazee (what was wrong with this spelling: Namazi?) visit this link:


He is an extremely dabgerous man in the rank of Lucky Lucinao and Capone. He jumps in bed with the IRI and the CIA at the same time! The danger is that in the US "har khari mitooneh ra'ees jomhoor besheh". But sadly for Mr Nemazee, the chances of Hilary becoming the President is the same as Reza Pahlavi becoming the Shah of Iran :))


I found this by googling his

by Anonymousl (not verified) on

I found this by googling his name:

In 2001, at the invitation of Mobil Oil Chairman Lucio Noto, whom he counts as a "personal friend," Hassan Nemazee joined the board of the American-Iranian Council, a U.S. lobbying group that consistently has supported lifting U.S. sanctions on Iran and accommodating the Tehran regime.

Hassan Nemazee also helped establish the Iranian-American Political Action Committee (IAPAC) Because of his association with IAPAC, Hassan Nemazee was accused of serving as an agent for the Islamic government of Iran by the Student Movement Coordinating Committee for Democracy in Iran (SMCCDI)- via Crosswalk

As reported at Crosswalk, political scientist Jerome Corsi, told, "The Democratic Party and John Kerry have been funded by pro-mullah groups who have Israel as their sworn enemy. They are funding insurgents to go against our troops in Iraq, and John Kerry wants to give them nuclear fuel."

Bill Clinton attended a dinner earlier this year sponsored by Namazee that raked in $500,000 for his wife's presidential election:

The former president has been the featured guest at a series of exclusive lunches and dinners, where attendees are asked to pony up $4,600 _ the maximum allowable contribution _ to his wife’s campaign.

Hassan Nemazee, a New York financier and longtime Clinton fundraiser, hosted a dinner for about 100 guests Tuesday night with Bill Clinton the marquee attraction. People dined on beet salad and steak at Manhattan’s swank Cipriani restaurant, and Clinton stayed past 11:30 p.m.

The event pulled in $500,000 for his wife’s campaign.
In January, Hassan Nemazee announced that he would be backing his old friend, Hillary Clinton for president:

Hillary Wins Support Of Top Dem Donor Who Raked In Big Bucks For Kerry-2004, Dems In 2006
January 23, 2007-

By Greg Sargent | bio
Hillary Clinton has just scored a big coup: Top Dem donor Hassan Nemazee, who was John Kerry's 2004 New York finance chair and the force behind the DSCC's fundraising success in 2006, has decided to back the New York Senator, Election Central has learned.

Nemazee told Election Central that he told Clinton of his decision this afternoon after some difficult deliberation over which of the candidates to support. "The hardest part of my decision is that I have long and deep relationships with the other candidates," Nemazee told me. "But I believe that she's the best qualified and best suited for this race, and will ultimately prevail both in the primary and the general election."

Asked if he saw Clinton as more electable than Obama and the other candidates, Nemazee said: "I wouldn't have chosen Hillary if I didn't think she was going to win the primary and the general election. She's the best prepared and the best qualified and she is in my judgment electable."

In the world of New York's top donors, Nemazee is one of the biggest gets. Kerry's New York finance operation raised approximately $75 million in 2004. With Nemazee as the national finance chair, Chuck Schumer's DSCC in 2006 raised $115 million, outpacing the NRSC by substantial sums and thus helping Dems take control of the Senate.

Now Nemazee is set to push hard on Clinton's behalf. "I'll be doing my best to raise as much money as possible in the shortest amount of time," Nemazee said, adding that he hadn't set a fundraising target.
IAPAC co-founder Nemazee has been a big donor to several Iranian-friendly politicians:

--Bill Clinton: $60,000 from Hassan Nemazee to Clinton’s legal defense fund, prior to Clinton nominating Nemazee to be ambassador to Argentina
--Hillary Clinton: $5,000 from IAPAC to Friends of Hillary on 03/14/2005
--Al Gore: $50,000 from Hassan Nemazee to the Gore-Lieberman Recount Fund in 2000
--John Kerry: $187,000 from Hassan Nemazee to Kerry from 1999 to 2003 and over $500,000 to Kerry’s 2004 campaign
--Ted Kennedy: $7,000 from various members of the Nemazee family to Kennedy for Senate in 1995 and $2,000 from IAPAC to Kennedy for Senate since 2004
--Joseph Biden: $2,100 from Hassan Nemazee to Citizens for Biden on 09/30/2005
--Charles Schumer: $1,000 from IAPAC to Friends of Charles Schumer on 01/16/2004
--Arlen Specter: $1,000 from IAPAC to Citizens for Arlen Specter on 1/16/2004 and $1,000 from IAPAC in 2006
--Chuck Hagel: $1,000 from IAPAC to the Hagel for Senate Committee on 10/02/2006
--Robert Torricelli: $4,000 from Hassan and Sheila Nemazee to Torricelli for US Senate, Inc. from 1996 to 2002
--Richard Gephardt: $2,000 from Hassan Nemazee to Gephardt in Congress Committee from 1996 to 2002
--Harold Ford, Jr.: $1,000 from Hassan Nemazee to Harold Ford Jr. for Tennessee on 09/21/2006
--Nancy Pelosi: $1,000 from IAPAC to Nancy Pelosi for Congress on 10/02/2006

SMCCDI and Captain's Quarters reported more on Nemazee and John Kerry's curious promise to give nuclear fuel to the mullahs and his links to Nemazee among others.

Six Nemazee family members and friends (including the caretaker of his 12-acre Katonah, N.Y., estate) donated a total of $60,000 – the maximum legally allowed -- to Bill Clinton’s legal defense fund.

Susan Akbarpour, was another donor. She has put loosening visa requirements for Iranians on the top of her political agenda, along with lifting U.S. sanctions on Iran and getting the U.S. government to open a dialogue with the regime in Tehran. Just by coincidence, those are the top three priorities of the Tehran regime, as well.


Tehran apologists backing Hillary?

John Spencer Blasts Hillary Clinton's 'Mullah Moo-lah'



To: Arezu

by the real Nader Vanaki (not verified) on

I think to become a diplomat they have to take a foreign service test. At least that is the requirement for entering foreign diplomatic service. Of course he is rich and influencial enough to pass the test.

Just because he has eaten faloodeh with the political ellite does not qualify him for any post in my opinion and he is a moron to think that he will gain power by becoming an ambassador. He will only be a clerk to the State Department just like Khalilzad who does not have authority to participate in panel discussions in Davos-Switzerland with Iranian diplomats.

All in all, he looks like a dork to me.



by Anonymous., (not verified) on

Whatever happened to his lawsuit against An Anti-Islamic Republic student?

Azarin Sadegh

Thanks for reminding me to donate to Hillary...

by Azarin Sadegh on

I just made my second donation to Hillary's campaign! Thanks for this nice reminder!



To: Vanaki - Ambassadorship!!

by Arezu (not verified) on

Has he published anything: The answer is no! But he is mentioned in alot of books written by others.

He sits on boards because he wants to be a politician.

Has he wined and dined with the inner circle of the U.S. political elite - his entire life; at least since his adulthood.

His objective -power and a title in the U.S. political system.

Can he have a position as U.S. Ambassador - I am telling you than when Bill Clinton became president he did get the position of U.S. Ambassador to Argentina. However, he had some major business scandals which got his name tainted and therefore the position was re-trackted.

He is pretty chummy with the Clinton's and has been one of Hillary's advisors and fund raisers.

Qualifications - he is educated, is a shrewed businessman (not that kosher), and power hungry.

What he wants - As I said his objective is to be the Ambassador of the U.S. to France. And he can, how do you think Zalmay Khalizad, became Ambassador of U.S. to Afghanistan, then Iraq and is currently the U.S. Ambassador to the UN?


Who is this guy?

by the real Nader Vanaki (not verified) on

What has he done besides being rich and on the board of so many organization? Has he ever published anything? I would appreciate any links to his writings.

Also, ambassadorship will never be granted to anyone of Iranian descent. So he is wasting his money and time. If he wants to live in Paris then he should just buy an apartment there and move there.


Financial Advisor

by A B (not verified) on

Yeah, he's so good that Clinton had to "loan" her campaign 5 million.


But the former KGB

by pnr (not verified) on

But the former KGB lieutenant colonel appeared to lash out at U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton _ a leading Democratic candidate for president_ when one reporter quoted her as saying that former KGB officers have no soul: «At a minimum, a head of state should have a head,» Putin said.--



She has surrounded herself with Hassan Namazi for a good reason

by Arezu (not verified) on

He has been the individual who has been doing mega fund raising for her. In fact, Obama also went to him, but his loyalty has been to the Clinton's.

He wanted a post with Bill Clinton as Ambassador to Argentina, but Bill had to retrack it due to certain scandals surrounding Namazee. Now he wants a position as Ambassador to France.