How Muslims are treated In USA

ABC Primetime report



so sad

by concerned (not verified) on

It is so sad that some people have no knowledge of the the Islamic religion and judge because of actions of some extremists. Are there not extremists in every religion?


Treating Moslem too well

by Islami Kardish (not verified) on

I wish, America comes to some sense and make Islam illegal in this country. Islam should be illegal in all the countries. The religion is nothing more than violence and killing. Islam is full of hate. There is nothing peaceful about Islam. Since beginning of this religion, they started by Killing Persian, burn books, rape women and kids. It has continued all the way to today. Can you find one single Moslem Nobel Winner ( Please stop telling me about Peace Nobel). What did Moslem contribute to world in last 1400 year other than killing and destruction of world?
Please stop defending the Islam. Islam is the issue.


Don't do to others ........

by jimzbund on

I am a firm believer in justice and have stood for many people's rights when needed . I have problem defending Muslims who are the most discriminatory people on earth and I am sure the Iranian audience here has seen cases of it. From all non Muslims being " Najess" to killing them to get rewards to go to heaven . From supressing other's human rights in their own country but fighting for their rights in a democracy like USA ,  and etc, the golden rule says: don't do to others what you don't like to be done to you. But again I would probably stand up for them if I can sense their humanity.


Bund, Jimz Bund


Don, I thank you for your

by KT (not verified) on

Don, I thank you for your detailed informative input.
Hoping that ultimately fewer and fewer
people will be faced with any form of
prejudice and discrimination.




by Shaer on

Thank You For Your Elaborate Explanation Of The Subject ..

I Am Sure Many, Including Myself, Were Not Aware Of The Depth And Breadth Of  Protection Provided By Both The State And Federal Government In Fighting Prejudice And Discrimination ..

Please Keep Up Your Good Work .. :)


In the USA both State and Federal laws

by Don on

I’m a natural born USA citizen of the State of Oregon, I work in the legal field, and I can sure you this. In the USA both State and Federal laws, it is a crime to discriminate on race, nationality, religion, sexual gender, or physical disabilities.



 This covers all aspects of public daily life, from doing business, employment, to walking down the street, to police departments, to our criminal justice system as inmates (being in jail or prison for a crime).



Discrimination because of pregnancy is discrimination by sexual gender and is illegal.



Because these are state and federal criminal statutes, a person DOES NOT need to hire an attorney, as it is the responsibility of the DA (District Attorney, State or Federal) to prosecute crimes. And they do prosecute and penalties are very sever.



The State of Oregon has a “victim relief program” threw the Oregon Department of Justice, and the Oregon Department of Human Services, that assures swift and prompted prosecution and compensation for any forms of discrimination mentioned.



Most discrimination exist because people DO NOT report it. They say “oh well” and move on. That is NOT good to do, NO person needs to be discriminated against.



A private business, or sellers of goods and services, “can” discriminate on all other subjects, like hair color, dress codes, attitudes, being bald, hygiene, makeup, or face hair—or pick a subject, any subject BUT NOT by race, nationality, religion, sexual gender, or physical disability.



Harassment (belittling, name calling, or chiding), by the actor or allowing it happen, because of race, nationality, religion, sexual gender, or physical disability can be grounds for criminal prosecution. This includes telephone conversations, emails and other forms of communications.



The burden of proof of NOT discriminating falls on the actor NOT on the victim. Many times on a report of discrimination the DA will do a complete face to face investigation, and not finding adequate proofs for prosecution, the actor will warned, and educated, as to the massive consequences of discrimination. A file and case record will be maintained by the DA in the event more reports come in at a future date. Multible reports on an actor can lead to the “Preponderance Of The Evidence” that discrimination is continually taking place and can be grounds for prosecution.



When the man in the film was asked, “Can you refuse service to a Muslim?” And he said, “YES” That is discrimination as to “religion” and he is “totally WRONG”. If he does  discriminate as to religion, the penalty is sever, with possible prison/jail time not to mention heavy monetary fines in the thousands to millions of dollars. In addition, there are other sanctions that can be imposed, as the court, Judge/Jury determines.



He can also face a civil suit, on top of all criminal charges. It is called the “double whammy”, as we say in shop talk. This can cost the offender just about all he owns given to the victim. Go here for a long listing of discrimination cases prosecuted by the Oregon Department of Justice.






Discrimination in Oregon is a very serious offence, as it is all across the USA. WE DO NOT tolerate discrimination, we do not condone, and give NO excuses to discriminate. We DO prosecute this crime, all we can, and there is NEVER a shortage of money or means to do so. NEVER at any time do we turn our back to this horrible treatment of people.


Also to parents, talk to your children, if they are discriminated at US schools, the public/private school IS responsible as any other. The Muslim  going to school in the film, has grounds for the DA to take action IF she would report the crime.   



I can assure Iranians, you are safe in the State of Oregon against discrimination, and if I am wrong the offender will pay deeply and big time. But you, as any, must report the offence. Do NOT let it slide saying it does not matter---as it does matter, and reporting is important.



This is America, this is the Grand State of Oregon, the home of FREE people that ALL are welcome to live in peace, to prosper, raise families, live long, and follow your dreams. Thank you for your time.





Mona 19

The Earth is but One Country,and Mankind Its Citizens...

by Mona 19 on

NO ONE should be treated like that (in this case a Young Devoted Muslem Girl)...It was sad to watch some people who saw Intolerance,Injustice, Prejudice,...and walked away and DID NOTHING about it...But at the same time it was very nice to see two young girls and a father of solder(veteran)...How they stayed and defended the rights of others.

Hopefully one day we can realize to appreciate and welcome diversity and DO NOT see others differently and put aside these man made barriers (skin color,belief,nationality,...) and DO NOT judge people quickly,because if we do, we have NO TIME to getting to know and LOVE them.

Conducts,Deeds,Actions....are more important...PLEASE Let's look for similarities...rather than differences.

Thank You Majid for presenting the BIGGER PICTURE for all of US.



Love,Unity, and Peace for ALL :)


To: Kamangir

by sadchicagodad on


I wanted to tell you that I wrote an article that is now appearing on the main page which was inspired by one of your posts to me recently.  The title of the article is Looking Down on Others.  Take a look at it if you haven't yet because I got the idea from something you wrote.



To: Ali P.

by sadchicagodad on

Thank you very much for your kind and thoughtful post.  Now that I'm back, I think I'll stick around for a while.   Writing is a type of therapy for me.  As long as there are people who are kind of enough to take time out of their busy lives to read what I write, I'll keep writing.  I guess any writer hopes that what he or she has written strikes a chord with those who stumble across their words.  This is why I deeply appreciate your post.  It validates my need as a writer to be validated.  Mamnoon.



I could only wish...

by Majid on

I wrote this not too long ago here.

I wish WE could get into a space craft and take a trip to...... far...far away to where we could see the earth the size of a blueberry, and from there just think how childish it sounds to think .......I'm from that little dot in that blueberry and s/he's from the other!

Only from there you could imagine how silly borders, skin color, belief, eye and hair color, language.......would sound.

Let's just do our individual part.

GOD bless humanity 


Mobarez, Khaili Mamnoon

by sadchicagodad on

Thank you for your apology.  I do not doubt for a second that you have been the victim of prejudice at the hands of some in America.  We have our good and our bad, just as all people do.  I would like to think that there are more amongst us who are good than bad, but that could be wishful thinking on my part.  I am sorry that you thought that I would stereotype Iranians.  How could I do such a thing?  I have been married to an Iranian for more than half of my life.  You may find this hard to beleive, but in all the years I had my son, I never once thought of him as an "Iranian."  I simply loved him as my son who could speak Persian, loved fesenjan and ghorma sabzi, loved Norooz and most of all loved his baba borzorg, his maman and me.  I was proud of him being Iranian because of the heritage that belonged to him, just as it belongs to his mother, to you, and to 99% of the readers of this web site.  Being Iranian did not make him different or better than me, but it added a dimension to his character that was absent in mine.  I cherished that part of my son that was Iranian because that was what I loved in his mother.   

Being Iranian or American, black, white or red, Muslim or Bahai or Christian, hetrosexual or homosexual are just lables that we put on people so that we can put them in a box and catagorize them.  We are all the same race, the human race. We all laugh, cry, feel joy and sorrow, at times stand tall against prejuice and discrimintation and at other times wallow in its sewer.  We are human after all, and to be human is to be imperfect. 

I cannot say if there any Iranians are prejudiced against others because if I were to do so, you would think I'm being prejudiced.  Let me just say that their are many Americans that do not live up to the lofty ideals which our country espouses, but the first step in fixing a problem is to admit that there is one.  Whether Iranians can do better as a people is for you to decide, but as for me I can tell you that Americans can and must do better. 

Until the day comes that people like the woman in the video can live peacefully and in tranquility in America, millions of people, including thousands upon thousands of Iranian Americans, will not be silent against injustice whether it is perpetrated against people who look like me, or people that look like you.  One of the biggest challenges in the future is to get the silent majority... those who are not prejudiced themselves, but do not speak out against injustice when they witness it...those who live their lives sitting on the fence, to come down...and join us.  When that day comes, justice for all will finally be a reality for all people in America. 

God Bless & Always Keep An Open Heart


just a reminder validating eachother

by Seagull (not verified) on

"Hear no evil, and see no evil, abase not thyself, neither sigh and weep. Speak no evil, that thou mayest not hear it spoken unto thee, and magnify not the faults of others that thine own faults may not appear great; and wish not the abasement of anyone, that thine own abasement be not exposed. Live then the days of thy life, that are less than a fleeting moment, with thy mind stainless, thy heart unsullied, thy thoughts pure, and thy nature sanctified, so that, free and content, thou mayest put away this mortal frame, and repair unto the mystic paradise and abide in the eternal kingdom for evermore."



In the last 22 years I've

by Kamangir on

In the last 22 years I've lived in Europe and North America in three different countries. I've felt and lived with racism and discrimination (all it shapes and forms) on daily basis. I've seen my parents being discriminated against which is much more difficult to handle. However; that said; I've met wonderful people (many) in all those countries I lived in, people that without saying anything understood the silent burden of being a foreigner and I know they were very sympatethic towards me. I've had wonderful and true non-Iranian friends and partners. However; the racism and or discrimination has always been present one ay or another and at this point in my life, I'm fed up with it. I think I understand the mecanism and the social structure that causes racism or discrimination and do not hold much of a grudge against those who don't like us. We've our own country and we should be living there. I also want to make a clear difference between what the IRI does and what's going on in the West. I totally oppose the IRI but right or wrong their 'discriminatrory' laws are imposed on everyone, whereas the silent discrimination against minorities in the West (in this case Middle Easterns) is much more difficult to handle, mainly because you feel singled out, and in many instances, somehow humiliated. Having a country of your 'own' matters, that's why the Jews created their own, so they wouldn't be discriminated against (however; even in Israel there's discrimination among themselves) A civilized and self-proclaimed tolerant and democratic country shouldn't allow any form of discrimination, much less writing and passing laws to make such 'discrimination' legal.

I currently live in one of the most segragated and racist cities, I've ever seen. My dream is to live in Iran, in my own country. Discrimination is present everywhere, but Iran is the only place where I feel at home, my home.




to zion

by sasan (not verified) on

It is wrong to responed to a bad with a worse. That's not fair to say that in Iran only minorities face discrimination because in Iran all Iranians from different faiths such as Islam,Jewish, Christianity face daily discrimination. It has nothing to do with racism and prejudice because all Iranians in Iran experience the discrimination. You can not justify the same wrong doing in USA just because they do it in Iran. America is known as a country with domocratic laws which protect the right of its citizen from different races, religions, genders and cultures. You can not compare the islamic law in Iran and some muslim countries with the law in America.


The Real Discrimination

by Zion on

The only thing this video shows is how good Americans are, and how they stand up to the humanist values of their land, even when they are at war.

There are a few points about the `muslim girl` however. She is obviously an adult, but she says she rather go out with a male protector. This is simply pathetic. The kind of `discrimination` she is whining about does not need such `protection`. I wonder if she is just staying true to her second hand position in need of male protection, as she is standing true to her hijab, using this as a lame excuse.

She seems educated. She knows about the daily discrimination against women, youth and minorities in ISlamic lands like Iran. Has she, as a muslim `victim`, ever raised concern about what her religious brethren do to women under islamic sharia? Is she going to take a public stand against forcing women to wear hijab in countries like Iran or Saudi Arabia? Id be very interested to know if she has ever spoken out against the daily discrimination Islam imposes upon millions of women and men who are not lucky enough to be US citizens?

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Come on people... calm down... can we make peace please? Every one has made good points. Let's stop making this personal. Life is too short...


to Tahirih

by Mobarez (not verified) on

Very interesting, you believe prejudice is wrong in any shape or form. I think you don't realize that you are a prejudice in any aspect. You call me distraction just because I'm not like you!!!!. That is pure prejudice, it is the foundation of racism, it is inhuman that you want me to be like you, have the same attitude like you, then let me salute you with Heil Hitler!!!!. Do like me know? Yes I faced discrimination because I did not want to be an americanized Iranian like you. I did not want to be a cawboy or mimic a cowboy as you did and still do. I was an Iranian, I am an Iranian, and I will be an Iranian till the last day of my life. I wont sell myself, my country and my heritage for a cheap smile to get approval from Americans as second class citizen, as you did. You and Majid are such an ignorant Iranians that I realy hate to call you Iranian. Yes, you are pseudo-Iranians.


Prejucice is wrong in any shap or form

by Tahirih on

I was going to respond about prejudice when ,this distraction"Mobarez" happened!!I believe prejudice is wrong in any shape or form.

I know ,and we all know about the plight of minorities in Iran whether they are cultural or religious or social groups in Iran,but that does not justify a muslim girl getting mistreated anywhere.

At the same time I am not going to generalize and say all Americans are like that.

Ignorant people are every where and open minded ones are every where too.

Some countries are luckier that at least the discriminatory laws are not approved in their governments legislation!

As I told Mobarez! prejudice in arabic means covering your eyes, and in any case it is self explanatory.

with the hope for a harmonious world,



chert o pert

by MRX1 (not verified) on

About one million Iranian are in U.S and 95% are muslim by birth or tradition or what ever. Iranian ex-pats have been quite successfull in education, commerce, engnieering, politcs, you name it. How is that possible, if there was a discrimination against muslims in here? A real discrimination is in Iran where 50% of population (women) have become second and third class citizen and no one is fighting for them!


mobarez after reading your comment to me and sad chicago dad..

by Tahirih on

I thought  that I should not have called you paranoid, but instead TWO FACE!! it is actually scary to see how you can flip flop like this!

I agree with Majid the reson that you have faced all the RACISM is your foul attitude and behaviour.I work with immigrants and always tell them that nobody likes a frown face ,but most every one responds well to a smilling face.

as far as my Nawruz you do not know how wrong you are ,it was the best of all my Nawruz's.

Adjust your attitude and seek profesional help with your anger management and 2 personalities!!

Also if you are a mobarez, get registered !! scared are we or what??

Did you know the meaning of prejudice in arabic is covering your eyes? People like you are born with eyes but do not see.




by Majid on

I don't know what kind of "mobarez" you are, but I think the most important front from which to do your "mobaareze" is your own negativity!

I think what got you in trouble in college and the workplace was not your nationality (the many success stories of Iranians prove you wrong in this one), but your attitude, and your comment is proof to that.

I would be proud to call sadchicagodad, darvish jo and many others a hamvatan, but I don't know about you my friend.

My advice to you is, since "mobarez" is not a verified alias, next time write under a different one and save your face and ours.


To Tahirih

by Mobarez (not verified) on

First of all, you are not in the position to tell me what to do!!!. Second, you should be ashamed for calling me paranoid because you are the one who behave like a paranoid. You just pop up and start insulting me. How dare you insulting me? It seems you did not have a good Norowz, haaa, don't blame me for that. I'm sick to my stomach to hear and see from Iranians like you that are ready to tear each other apart. That is the reason why our country look like this, as always, Kashme beeja and Mohebathe beeja. Get a life.


To Sadchicagodad

by Mobarez (not verified) on

Dear Sadchicagodad, that was not my intend to slander or insult you. I'm very sorry for your loss, please accept my condolence. Two or three weaks ago I read your comments about an Article published in, which was about the Iranian men's dealing with Iranian women when they go with non-iranian men. May be I am wrong but I had the feeling that in your comment you were addressing all Iranian men of being intolerace towards others. And I also read some comments with quotation from your previous comments made by some website visitors like the today's comment. Again, it was not my intend to insult you. I apologize if it sounded like that. Please give me the right to be sensitive about Iran and Iranians after experiencing so many awful things in America (racism, discrimination, loosing the job because of my nationality etc). There is always a big difference bet/ lying and misunderestanding.


Mobarez you have to appologize to sadchicagodad...

by Tahirih on

I have been away fro Nawruz and also not connected to this site in September,so I have missed hid articles except the last one.

Mobarez you should be ashamed of yourself to call this grief striken father who only writes about his beloved son and wife a zionist.

You are the perfect example of our paranoid mind ,which many Iranians for different reason have. As soon as someone says something that we do not like we call them a zionist or spy. personally I am sick to my stomach about your accusations about this decent man .



Ignorance is our problem

by aaj sr (not verified) on

results of the opinion in this video:
13 people stood by her
6 people stood by the clerk
22 people stood silent
22 people were indifferent to the issue.
Obviously the whole scenario was staged by ABC but the statistics from this very simple process is interesting. More than double defended her compare to those who did not, but interesting is the figure "silent majority" and that's our MAJOR problem in Iran too.

To Mobarez:
I think Anonymousa suggested that Iran do not allow building NEW churche or Sunni's Mosque etc. This is true. They are not destroying the ancient churches,synogogues or temples but regime would not issue building permit for a new one (remind you two months ago , they destroyed Derwishe's mosque and arrested their followers, eventhough they are a sect of Shia). Also remember there is no single Sunni mosque in Tehran. In Saudi, there is nothing but mosque period.
I would be very happy to see if Iran treat it's citizen the same as US citizen treated this lady in this clipping, this is sad to say but that's my dearm hope.
Remember, descrimination in Iran is promoted by government but in US it's prohibited by law.

p.s. in the news today, a priest was killed in Baghdad, also reported that Bahai's lives threatend in Iran

Ali P.

To : sadchicagodad

by Ali P. on

Despite of- or maybe because of- you having brought me to tears in the past, I am a fan of your writings, but have not seen much of you lately here.

 Thank you for providing the links, and by all means, please do write again.


Ali P.


to Anonoymousa

by Mobarez (not verified) on

The law in America is for thoes who have money to buy it(to hire a lawyer). How about thoes who do not have the money?. In my case as a student was impossibel to hire a lawyer because it was to expensive. The only opportunity talking to a lawyer was contacting the university's lawyer (for free) and it was no help(you know how irresponsible they are when they can not charge you). I know many Iranians who were fired after september 11 without any reason(of course they were all Iranians, good reason for discriminatinon). May be you are right and in Iran discrimination is state- approved, but it is not so bad to be discriminated by ordinary people like in America. In each country the people are the real representers of the country, people who show the real face of the society, not the country's goverment. Iranians respect the religion and cultural heritage of all people around the world. Do Americans(people) tolerate the other people faith and culture??????. If yes, why bombing other people's home(Iraq)?.


To: Mobarez Is A Liar

by sadchicagodad on

So you've seen my foot prints here and there?  Vay Khoda, that made me laugh. Then, you accused me of being a Zionist.  Khoda Nakone!  I am an American Muslim married for almost 31 years to an Iranian.  You know nothing about me.  You know nothing of how my wife and I have suffered this year.  Before you slander me, don't you think it would be fair to read what I have written about.  I have written about two prejudice against others is wrong.....and about my boy who died this year.  That's all.  Where have I ever said a single thing bad about Iranians or Iran?  I have never done it.  You are a liar and you owe me an apology.  You accuse me in public.  Now, let's see if you are big enough to apologize. 

If you haven't read what I written, here are some links.  Try these footsteps!  Show where I've written one bad thing about Iran or Iranians.  If you can't do it, you should do the decent thing and apologize.  It is wrong to talk bad of someone that you do not know and have never read before.  Please read......








> gom o goor

by Another lost iranian in France (not verified) on

I've lived in the States for a couple of years (Northern VA), I was actually trying to settle down permanently there. Every morning while driving to work, the radio was full of : ''9.11 ...Islam ...9.11 ...Islam'' EVERY DAY.

I had to leave because my visa application renewal was denied, maybe cause I was born in Iran.

America is great place to live and raise kids if you ask me.

Now I'm back in France, all I hear in good old Paris is about ''muslim, unemployment, muslim, unemployment'' EVERY DAY

Another Lost Iranian in France


mobarez: I have lived in

by Anonymousa (not verified) on

mobarez: I have lived in this country for 34 years and have gone to college and have been employed by some of the best companies in the US. I had never encountered racism or discrimination.

The fact that Iranians CEO's and CFO are at the helm of top coroprations proves this salient fact.

If you were discriminated against, the law is on your side...All you had to do was to hire a lawyer.

p.s. In Iran discrimination is least in the U.S., you're protected under law if you can prove you've been discriminated against in a court of law.

Please read all the comments and provided links on this thread...