Jews in Isfahan


It's in German, unfortunately, but the visuals alone tell the story. I had never seen similar footage.


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They are great

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Its really too bad the video was in German, it also did not seem to show the social structure of the Jewish society or I did not understand. When I was in Iran (2 years ago), it seemed an equilibrium had been reached, the revolutionary zeal was gone, but economic violence was beyond belief. Prices were higher than in the USA, I am not sure these minorities with limited economic opportunities will last in Iran.

Mona 19

Hanukkah Wish ...

by Mona 19 on

Hope this Hanukkah brings love,happiness, success, health, peace, and joy in the lives of my Jewish hamvatans around the world.

Have a Bright and Happy Hanukkah

Regards,Mona :)



Not so Great Isfahanis part II

by choghok on

The problem with people calling me ignorant is that I was in Isfahan just 1 month a go and I experienced things. In Iran the city Shahrood was forced to be called Emamrood for some time but people in there never called the city any thing else and it is now called Shahrood again. 

In Isfahan the Isfahanis themselves have stopped calling the placeswith their proper name. And as of conservatism go, where else in Iran in a big city do you see so many chadoris? Where do you see lots of big ads for latest hejabs (melli, arabi, daneshjooyi)  Where do you see Verses from Quran hanging everywhere in the streets? Where do you find cab drivers defending the regime while listening to "mobtazal" music? Where do you find luxerous pilgrimage agencies and offices of hesabe 100 emam and a like. You will not find them in Tehran, Mashhad, Tabriz or Shiraz but you will find that in Isfahan.

Now I do not say all Isfahanis are very dogmatic conservative but I would say the city is among the most conservative you can find in Iran and its people are not as great as the art and the buildings there might suggest.

-Bidar bash ke ma bekhabim


to the only negationist girl I know

by ShalomMan (not verified) on

And in what kind of species you put yourself? Someone who lives in LA, criticizes everything around, and when she gets stuck she hides herself behind her love for freedom of speech and women rights in Iran...

That's not so rare, in my job we call such species smart a--es.


I just want to know

by Choopan (not verified) on


Why Iranian JEWISH always look so beautiful (to me)?


And why Israelis always look so hideous?






Esfahan website on Jewish neighborhoods

by maghshoosh (not verified) on

Here's the official site of the city of Esfahan describing one of the ancient Jewish neighborhoods there:


just few thoughts

by Anonymous isfahani (not verified) on

Iranian heritage/culture has a great record on protecting and respecting other creeds (history records and holy books). in my simple opinion, I do not judge people with their religious believes and it's their choice. hence, as long as they look at everyone else as their equal, without prejudice or discrimination then they are children of God and citizen of Iran.
ma bache hayeh iranim. love ya


Iranians have to go a long way (to Zion)

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Zion khAnoom, Iranians have to go a long way, and get rid of many religious and ethnic prejudices that have existed regardless of the political system... but IRANIANS are already far ahead of you Israelis in that regard.


A rough translation of the video, and a Radio Zamaneh piece

by maghshoosh (not verified) on

Here's a Google-generated translation of the transcript:

(The original German is at )

Also check out this short Radio Zamaneh introduction to Iranian Jewry:


Another show...

by Zion on

... of the protected rare species. Very nice. How many of these have I seen here now? hmm... .


"documentry about Bahais in Iran"

by faryarm on

Unfortunately, no film maker can begin to think about making such a film in the present.

The Mullahs are frightened enough as it is, about giving any voice to the plight of Bahais, they are too busy lying and making propaganda against The Bahais, even when Bahais are defenseless and without civil right or  any representation or public voice. 

The time is coming when such a film will be made by non Bahai Iranians themselves about the history of cruelty, and the 160 year old and loyal uncompromising stand on principle and Faith.

I hope i wll be alive to help in that endeavour.



Great video

by Hajminator on

They have chosen to stay in their country instead of Ali ghueda and his gang, and live in peace... These people are real patriots. Thank you Party Girl.


long live Isfahanis and Iranians of any faith! (to Choghok)

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Long live Isfahanies, Moslim, Jewish, Armenian, Bahais, Molheds etc. And I don't care about the name of the squares as long as the city is maintained as beautifully as it has been, and people of different faiths continue to enrich it without having walls between them.
I wish those thugs who want to turn my Isfahan into a segregated city like Baghdad in the name of "democracy" fail miserably.


Kodoom Emam in maydoono saakhtes?

by Anonymous Iranian 123 (not verified) on

It was after the revolution and we had a name change.Everything that was once called was Shah was changed to Emam.I was in a taxi and as people were waiting for a taxi they were calling their destinations to the taxi driver.A man who was waiting for a taxi called Shah circle ,Emam circle.The taxi driver with his clever Isfehani accent turned to us and said (mikham bedoonam kodoom emam in maydoon saakhtes)I want to know what emam made this circle.


Choghok, Your words show

by FaridJ (not verified) on


Your words show your ultimate ignorance. I am an Isfahani, and I am an athiest. The environment was liberal enough that me and my classmates could express our views when we were in high school(Harati). The fact that all the mosques and circles are named "Emam" has nothing to do with the people of Isfahan, and the names are imposed by the government as anywhere else in Iran. Please think before you open your mouth or start typing.



Iranian Jews are great people

by shirazie (not verified) on

I had lots of Jewish and bahai' friends when I was growing up. They were loyal, warm and wonderful. comparing them with their western counter parts. They are a head and shoulder above them.

By the way the the young lady a is very beautiful


Video: Jews in Iran

by Anonymous irani (not verified) on


Moe H, I am a Muslim

by Anonymous iranian (not verified) on

Moe H, I am a Muslim and I am proud of all Iranian who are Iranian first and Jews,Catholics,Armenianw,Zoroasterians,Assyrians next.


Isfahanis, not so great!

by choghok on

Shah Abbas moved the capital to Isfahan and made the city beautiful by moving all the greatest artists, scientists and businessmen of his time from all religions to Isfahan.

Today Isfahan's people are amongst the most conservative in Iran and do not deserve the greatness that Shah Abbas created there. They have already forgot him and named all the historic places to Imam. Masjede Shah or Meidane Shah is called Masjede Imam and Meidane Imam. If you tell a young Isfahani you look for meidane shah he just shakes his shoulders.

Their taxi drivers have also forgotten that there exist a Jewish quarter in the city and look at you like a question mark when you ask them to take you there. Although the Jews have lived there in a long time and make the best quality handwork there, "I bought some stuff myself".

No, I do not have much positive to say about Isfahanis. But I am sure there exist many good Isfahanis as well.. But as they say: Exceptions confirm the rule. 

/Bidar bash ke ma bekhabim


Moe H, we love and respect our Iranian jews too

by Observer (not verified) on

I feel proud of jewish Iranians who have stayed in the country of their birth while going through all the social and political upheavals. They have gone through regime change and war but have decided to stay. I did not understood the language but watch it. Thanks for posting this clip.


english please!

by Anonymous isfahani (not verified) on

dear party girl, where is the english version? it is difficult to hear our isfahani sisters when german announcer is keep talking and interrupting!
Can you do something about it. merci


I am a Jew...

by Moe H (not verified) on

I am a jew and proud citizen of Iran-Esfahan. I love my country, my language Farsi, and care about my fellow iranian people. Iran is a great nation and home for all Iranians and we love our home. God bless Iran and all Iranians whereever they are and may they always live in Pax Et Bonum (Peace and goodness).


I hope to see a documentry about Bahais in Iran

by asefati on

Someone needs to think about making a documentary about Bahais in Iran. They are really mistreated!