Roza Montazami

Legendary Chef

I'm so excited to find this! Author of the most popular Iranian cookbook, "Honar-e-Ashpazi" (The art of cooking) in a 2002 chat with Mahboubeh Shadzi.




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by Magdalina (not verified) on

Once I was best friends with Behrokh, Mrs. Montazemi's daughter. I lost her for many years. I hope she is reading this and will contact me.



by Zelzeleh (not verified) on

If she wasn't such a dear old lady, I'd have to say she's a bit too full of herself. So the poor woman got her oil/Arde nokhod measurements wrong...let's just crucify her on camera why don't we? LOL Persian Grandma's are awesome. Thanks for sharing.

ebi amirhosseini

Re : kolompeh

by ebi amirhosseini on

thnx dear,I'm the winner;"gave you one,recieved a full tray!"

saved the pix.




Graduation gift

by Aviva on

As a graduation gift, my late father sent me a pair of earrings and Roza Montazami's book.My copy which was the first one edited after the Islamic revolution has an index for substitutions of wine with lemon juice, broth or vinegar ,kalbass and jambon changed to cow kalbass..and food served during card party to be suppressed .

No oil stains not on this book nor on any other of my cookbooks, they are simply too precious !


Thank you Party girl


party girl, Merci! It was so

by Shadi (not verified) on

party girl, Merci! It was so nice to see our Julia Child!


یاد غذاهای رزا بخیر

ایراندوست (not verified)

صدای موسیقی به حدی بیجا بلند است که صدای صحبتهای خانمها به گوش نمی رسد. بخش اول جالب تر بود. بخش دوم آزار دهنده بود. قسمت آخر فیلم هم صدای گفتگوی دو نفر به زبان فرانسوی شنیده می شد که معلوم نبود دلیلدش چیست؟ آیا برای این بود که بیننده خاطرجمع شود که سازنده فیلم فرانسوی هم بلد است؟...خداداند


the greatest...

by payampayam (not verified) on

it was very interesting for me. she is one of the greatest woman on iran. i like roza...:)


Thanks for sharing

by Shekamoooo (not verified) on

It was interesting to see how this Mrs. Rosa Montazmi looks like, but filming was really unprofessional and the lady who was interviewing Rosa was a bit annoying. She kept interrupting her with a nagging voice.

Thanks for sharing though!


She is One of my Heroes

by Monda on

Many THANKS Party Girl! This reminded me that I once owned 2 copies, one with lots of oil stains and the other to show the photos and recipes to admirers of Persian cooking. But now I do not see them on my bookshelves anymore! Gottamake somephonecalls pronto.

On the subject of chicken broth: I know that these days it's customary in Iran to add lots more water to the chicken (than needed) to get a soup out of (soup jo or zireh for example) and then the cooked chicken is used for polo. But hey they have to do what they have to do, right?



by kolfatol mamalek (not verified) on

nice interview and insight from the lady, but I tell you the background music almost brought me to suicide and deep depression. Jesus of Nazarat, do we have to have a singer or such as background for everything? Let the lady talk for god sake! LOOOOL

Party Girl

Dear Ali P.

by Party Girl on

I loved the way you described the importance and relevance of this book to Iranian homes!  Did you know that after its publication in the 70's, it has also became a standard item in young women's 'jaheezieh,' as they get ready to start their own families?!!

I know all about the stains on a Roza Montazami book, and you described them really well!  These days there are many other cookbooks.  I also own Najaf Daryabandari's "Ketab-e-Mostataab-e-Ashpazi," which is great and all the rave now.  But Roza Montazami's will always be remembered as the first one, having given so much joy to so many Iranian families.

Take care and party on, Ali P.!

Ali P.

#1 used

by Ali P. on

I truely believe,when I was growing up in Iran in the 70's, there was a copy of these three books, in almost every Iranian home:



3."Honareh aashpazee"

They would keep the first two, nice and clean and hidden, and rarely read, but  Ms. Montazami's book was the most used, and usually had oil stains or flour on it ( at least my Mom's copy did).

Thanks Party Girl!


Ali P.

Party Girl

Dear Ebi

by Party Girl on

Thank you very much my Kermani friend!  I have several editions of Roza Montazami's cookbook, and I religiously consult them for my recipes.  I have had so many trials and errors with her cookbook, and when she so simply explained the reasons for my "errors," I loved her even more!

Thank you for the Kolompeh!  Hey, you know you can never have just one of those beauties, so here's a whole tray for you!

ebi amirhosseini

Party Girl aziz !

by ebi amirhosseini on

I tried many time before to find any clip of her.Tnx a lot.

A nice Kolompeh for you.