Vatanam Arezoost

Iran slideshow



Beautiful music and imagery!

by Anonymous4now on

Thank you Najmeh.


this is photo and reality is some things else,

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

what a true sought. But on otherside stay the following unnegligible considerations:
1. If you can live there go head
I think if i have lived for a while in another society i am changed in behaviour,in the kind of clothing and in so many other personal way seein ghte matters of daily life, sometimes even in physignomy,so that i would behave at home more strang that foreigners. It would not be so easy to live there by all love one feels for.
2. why so many left Iran out?
surely not all countrymates who left, left because of angry Mullahs. economocal, personal and other none-political reasons are to be taken into account.
3. bad regime in Iran ?
"bad" is a subjectively evaluating. I read newly in "IRANIAN": there are 5 million iranians in the diaspora. Not all of them left because of bad regim. However 7ty Million others live in Iran. They do not see the solution of the problems in thier daily life in living thier homeland. One should consider what a big trip it would be in all over the world if all beings wanted to leave home because of "bad regim". Just imagine.
4. go there please they are waiting for you Iranian Mullahs
this point is, I must say, - up to my opinion - a sever mistake. Nobody is waiting for me and my likewise. In contrary. The government, best friends and near relatives like you just to stay where you are and where you are gone as they had to fight and stayed. they want only poeple who are ready and capable to go to first Frontline. they mean the iranians from diaspora are all putrified, decayed and UNUSABLE. Nobody is waiting for anybody. at least those 7ty million Mullahs who are all but fanatic Akhunds. No way, no solution. The rest is: Enjoy the Video. Greeting


Thank You Najmeh!!!

by Luciferous (not verified) on

The music helped a great deal, I begann spontaneously to dance and feel happy everytime i play my "IRANIAN". The pictures are also very nice.


Love MY Country, But Hate the IRI

by Luciferous (not verified) on

your problem is obvious. you have to fight against a unsolvable mysterious riddle. Sorry. Some poeple in comparable Situation as yours have successfully tried to put the hate aside and then they felt better.


Love MY Country, But Hate the IRI Terrorist Regime

by SD97 (not verified) on

There is no place like home, it is true, but there is no reason why one should live under a murderous religious regime of terrorism that the IRI has become murdering our youths and aged alike. I love Iran, but will not go back as long as these murderrers are in power, and I dobn't give a hoot to those morons who support this regime because they are "Iranians," and they "love" Iran. A Rabid monkey is capable of having love and affection for these mullahs, but not honorable Iranians and that's that. You can't love Khamenehi and Iran at the same tim because they are mutually exclusive.

Mona 19

Dear readers...

by Mona 19 on

I found the CD, it calls " Dar Shekarestan" by Lian Ensemle.


p.s.Thanks Najmeh jan for sharing it :)


Thank You Najmeh!!!

by G. Rahmanian (not verified) on

The music helped a great deal, but the pictures alone would have been as engaging.



this is photo and reality is some things else

by 55 (not verified) on

If you can live there go head, why so many left Iran out? bad regime in Iran ? go there please they are waiting for you Iranian Mullahs


Amazing nation!

by Kamangir on

Why have we left this beautiful nation, our nation behind? Iran is where we belong to.




I felt joy and satisfaction

by Dada (not verified) on

Listening to vatanam and watching the slideshow, I felt joy and satisfaction. Truly hit the right spot and tears of joy flooded my face. Thank you for posting this beauty.


Thanks so much...

by ZebelTheRebel (not verified) on

for your good work and good taste!

I may add "Taa koor shaavad har aanke natvaanad deed"!

Long live Iran...



by aghakia on

I believe this is by Iraj Bastami? Although it's pretty likely that Ostad Nazeri sang a rendition of this song as well.



by Majid on

Great combination of pictures and Naazeri's music.

What's the web site to see more?

It looks like it's something like you tube .



by aghakia on

Khayli ghashang bood, Najmeh. Thanks for sharing it =)


Whatever that you are smoking is good stuff!

by Nader on

Pass is on Luciferous!


is fooling himself

by luciferous (not verified) on

is fooling himself, no doubt. the one is not lying because he does not know the truth. But thinks he knew it.


Damn You!

by Nader on

For making an old man cry this early in the morning!?

There is no place like home. anyone saying otherwise is either lying to you or fooling themselves!