Dashti Variations

Dashti Variations by Kaveh Sarvarian (Naima Persian Jazz Band)

23-Dec-2010 (3 comments)

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Eating ice cream with ketchup

by hazratee on

That is what I can compare it to.


Good comment Ari. I think

by benross on

Good comment Ari.

I think Jazz should remain Jazz. It does absorb everything (by nature) but still remains Jazz. Take Keith Jarrett for example.


And more to my point, go to minute five.

They should decide whether they want to do 'world music' or Jazz, IMO. 

Good stuff nonetheless. 

Ari Siletz

So much that works, and so much that doesn't

by Ari Siletz on

This is one haunting piece that could be mind blowing if worked enough times to completion. Some rough edges have to do with the transitions. For example, at 0:23 the flute energy comes in too rural for the intro that precedes it. Staccato, and gutsier dynamics would have been in order, even if Dashti isn't normally played that way.  Similarly, when the keyboard risks exploring further out the result is breathtaking,  but when it hugs the Dashti coastline there's less drive. Brilliant ideas, dazzling improvs, yet the work is still in progress.