Sexy Kurdish

13-May-2010 (13 comments)

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Who said that she is kordish? No way! Don't trash our names!

by obama on

We don't get fooled like that! Kordish my foot! Even my feet! ARVA YEH BABAT KORDEH! any proofs? Just put a sort of kordi music on the tape and call this gorgeous woman who is not lordish, kordish!!


Who is playing?

by divaneh on

Where is the violinist? Where is the keyboard player? If it did not have the production details, I would have assumed that it was a voice-over. And the dance? She is good looking, but good look is not enough.


Music is from Kumkar

by pars35 on

nicely done. she is very hot.

Good re make of Kumkar music (I think name of the song is Shirin)


WOW! She's great! Kurdish or Arabic?! Real nice either way!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.


Excellent B@m

by Darveesh on

Gooore babaie Angelina, she has fantastic b@m and more.

And Iraj, one word of advise, lose some weight and tone up if you insist on wearing fetish cloth, I guess that was two words.


Cheap Thrills - Bring it on baby

by afyoun on

Why the guy's face and lips are gone pale? At +2:50min seems he urgently needs his oxygen mask!

Sorry but I couldn't help not adding this: When my dad died(rip) he looked younger than our Iraj here.

Even the basist and the drummer are having difficulty swallowing their chuckles.

Though, it was fun.

hamsade ghadimi

i like the matching gold

by hamsade ghadimi on

i like the matching gold pants.  choghok's on the spot with the drummer.  and the dancing is bizarre. i give it a 10.



by sag koochooloo on

Is that a traditional dance? It looks like she's just improvising.


Angelina Jolie

by ahmad_ on

looks like her


Yes, she is great. Most of

by vildemose on

Yes, she is great. Most of her moves are Arabic, Monda jan.


Focus on Her baba

by Monda on

She's really good. I don't even care if most of her moves are not Kurdish.


And is that a new "Kordee" dance?

by Bavafa on



What drugs has he been taking before coming on stage!

by choghok on

He looks totally gone.