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23-Jun-2012 (7 comments)

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by Favela on

I like the quality of the voice here.


Broadcasting Mondays 1.30pm GMT repeated Sundays 8.30pm



Thank you everyone for your

by ashkgerd on

Thank you everyone for your kindness and support. To mr. Iraj Khan, I am not Shahriar ghanbari's son, but coincidentally i have an uncle by the exact same name! :)


Nazy Kaviani

Absolutely beautiful!

by Nazy Kaviani on

One of those songs you want to hear over and over again. And I absolutely love the lyrics which are unpretentious and simple and full of hope. I do hope we hear more from Ashkan Ghanbari. Kudos!

iraj khan

A Touch of Simplicity

by iraj khan on

One has to listen to this song a couple of times 

to be able to appreciate it more.

"I'm following no one and no one is following me.."

So declares the singer with his young voice and a touch of honesty.

One can also detect a touch of influence of Mexican (Latin Americans) Ranchera music. Ranchera songs are about life, love, loss, country and hardships of life.


Excellent work by a new Iranian artist, Ashkan Ghanbari.

I wonder if he is the son of Shahriar Ghanbari the Iranian poet and song writer?

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Beautiful lyrics and nice voice

with southern style rythem.



I shed few tears ...

by didani on

His voice grows on you (Bob Dylanish style) and his lyrics and music touches your heart. After such a long time of just visiting this site, had to login (finally remembered my password) to express my joy!

Ghormeh Sabzi

"شاید زندگی همینه"

Ghormeh Sabzi

شاید زندگی ‌چیزی جز نگاهی ساده به اطراف، و حس کردن گرمیی آفتاب و کلنجار با روزها نیست

شاید خوشبین و امیدوار بودن بچگانه نیست؛ شاید هیچ راهی درست نیست و هیچ گناهی نادرست

امشب قدم زنان در کوچه‌ها پرسه خواهم زد؛ هیچ کس به دنبال من و من به دنبال هیچ کس

شاید کلید قفل زندگانی همین است و بس، لمس سرد لحظه‌ها در کوچه‌های بی‌‌ کس

شاید زندگی همینه، موندن بدون ترس از انتها، خوابی بدون هیچ رمزو راز

اشکان قنبری -