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03-Oct-2012 (3 comments)

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Nader Vanaki

iraj khan and Doorbin

by Nader Vanaki on

Well said.  Such is life and such is our fate.  Iranians have been denied many things and the very same things are found abroad.


Soaring Beyond Black & White

by Doorbin on

Iranian expats need to accept once and for all that our lives have changed for good.

We now have two 'homes' that we must travel to and from and take care of. I suggest studying the lives and behavior patterns of the Canadian geese for some basic pointers:


Let's stop being so depressed and embrace our destiny. A beautiful, purposeful life is waiting to be had if we just work together.

So let's fly!  





iraj khan


by iraj khan on

the multi-talented Iranian artist (poet, composer, song writer and musician) is trying to convince himself in this song that 'It's OK to be ended up here, living in exile'.

But is it? That's his dilemma in this song.

He is like a fish thrown out of water by forces beyond his control, but obviously, he is not able to forget Iran and the life that he has left behind.

Namjoo is creating his music successfully in the midst of hopelessness. A great composition connecting with his audience on a deeper level. And yes, he can sing as well as compose and play music, thanks for posting it here.