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Direct negotiation
How should Iran preserve the name of Persian Gulf
February 11, 2005

The option of last resort for Middle Eastern Americans
July 7, 2004

Silence on patriotic grounds
Liberal intellectuals and the legacy of Noam Chomsky
April 27, 2004

Despised we should not be
On the survival and progress of unpopular minorities in the United States
May 9, 2003

You can relax (for a few months)
U.S. will not initiate Iraqi-style regime change in any other country, yet
April 15, 2003

Turning White
Excerpt from a novel
April 10, 2003


Nader Habibi is an economist with concentration on Middle East economies. He is currently the Managing Director of Middle East and North Africa region in the economic consulting firm Global Insight. He is the author of Atul's Quest (Aventine Press, 2003).

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