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The missing
Tooba, the tree of life, must be controlled, kept in fear, scrutinized
By Torange Yeghiazaria
December 8, 2003

Neshat in New York
By Shannon Stapleton
November 27, 2001

London art show
May 14, 2001

Queasy feeling
Enjoy Shirin Neshat's thrilling art. But...
By Roya Hakakian
November 30, 2000

Shirin Neshat's art at UC Berkeley Museum
By Maryam Ovissi
September 28, 2000

Cry from the heart
Neshat has been accused of being too soft on Iran, but...
By Adrian Searle, The Guardian
August 1, 2000

The Gun and the Gaze
Shirin Neshat's photographs
December 1997

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