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In Walesa's words
Interview with the leader of the Polish Solidarity Movement
September 13, 2004

The Iranian complex
December 18, 3003

Are we worthy?
... enough to have Reza Pahlavi back? Yes we are.
June 18, 3003

Reform or rebirth for Iran?
After the death of Khomeini's republic
March 31, 2003

Taste of China
So many similarities with Iran
December 18, 2002

Grand conspiracies
September 11: Reality check
September 5, 2002

Midnight sun
Seeing the light in Kamchatka
April 23, 2002

Watching history go by
Trans-Siberian to Vladivostok
December 2001

Boycott or perish
There is bad news ahead unless we unite
June 2001

My flag
Conquering Mount Kilimanjaro cleared my mind
May 2001


Amir Khosrow is a child of heavy industry. Involuntarily exiled in 1978 to London, England, just before his 10th birthday, he spent his youth at a British boarding school, where he became better acquainted with the other religions (including Iranian Erfan), Western Philosophy and (as a NCO in the Royal Air Force) military protocol.

With a Bachelor in Computer Engineering he was the founding partner of an IBM Premier Business Partner. With projects completed in Zurich-Switzerland, Wall Street-USA, Nice/Monaco-France, Whitehall-London and sun drenched Miami; he has become an avid world traveler and mountain hiker.

In between projects he supports the Iranian people's aims of achieving a secular & democratic government based on several thousand years of national cultural continuity.

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