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November 5, 2001

Two types of people

Heard a great joke the other day:

There's a psychology conference somewhere.

An American scholar gives a speech. He says his findings show there are five types of people. Some grow up in patriarchal families, some in matriarchal families, some in single-parent families, some in poor families and some in rich families.

Then a Chinese scholar comes and presents her findings. She says there are three types of people; good people, bad people, and smart people.

Then it's the Iranian scholar's turn. He says there are only two types of people: "jendehs" and "koss khols".

Audience members protest. This is a scholarly conference, they say. What is your proof for this vulgar nonsense?

The Iranian scholar asks one of the protesters to come to the podium. He asks him, "If I give you a million dollars, will you have sex with me?" The man says, "Of course not!" The Iranian scholar says, "Khob, koss kholi deegeh..."


So, we're wither whores or idiots? Something to think about.

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Flower delivery in Iran
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