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February 12, 2003

Are we on the same planet?

Sent to

Your Majesty, Prince Reza Pahlavi

January 21, 2003

Please be informed that we, here in New Horizons (Bineshe Novin), do believe that it is the best time to plan for the future of Iran in particular and the rest of the Islamic world in general.

To this end we are planning our activities such that, at the convention, we can take the greatest harvest. Assuming that Iran was freed today, whoever is saddled with the responsibility of rescuing a nation and her culture as well as heritage is going to have a very difficult time. It will not be much different from the problem that Armenia faced and is facing after the Soviet Union was demolished. Two and a half million from three and half million population was forced to leave the country.

It is our aim to have a plan ready in our hand and present it in the International Humanist Convention in April, in Washington D.C. If we manage to have the parallel symposium for the Iranians and Muslims or ex-Muslims of the world at the same time, then we will really be presenting to the world a way of salvation for the oppressed and bewildered people.

We have a list of 76 problems (Kamran Beigi has a copy) that need to be addressed and solutions found. Old remedies do not work. The most major and imposing problem is shortage of water in Iran. Ghanats will not do. Dams will not do. Conservation will not do. All of these and other remedies depend on the annual precipitation, which is limited by the nature. Average precipitation in Iran is only 8.5 inches. Most of it is in the northern shores. It is hardly enough for 18 million population, if it was evenly distributed all over the country.

Our aim is to triple the availability of water, country-wide and evenly distributed. New technology exists, but has never been employed. It does not need oil, gas or nuclear energy. It utilizes solar energy. Available solar energy in Iran per day, calorie wise, is about three times as much as there is in the oil that is extracted every day. Oil and gas will be finished one day, but solar energy will continue to scorch the land indefinitely.

One of my responsibilities for that symposium is to present the plan for water. That project has been worked on for more than thirty years. Almost all the required elements are readily and locally available.


Armen A. Saginian
E.D. New Horizons
E.D. AA-18

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