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A poem for those tough times

January 22. 2003
The Iranian

A poem
I want to write
For that sad
Unforgettable night

When I cry
Watching the rain
A happy poem
To take away the pain

I imagine...

-- A window open
Music of Chopin
Watching the ocean
Putting on lotion

The sand is here
The beach is near
The water so clear
There is nothing to fear

Ice-cream with cherry
Honey with strawberry
Who can forget sherry
This is extraordinary

The wind so mild
My heart so wild
Feeling like a child
Problems forever filed

Slowly your scent flows
In the air as the wind blows
I feel my heartbeat slows
the fire of passion in your eyes glows --

So you must sing this poem
when the times are getting tough
But you can call it your own
If you can finish it ...

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