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Photo by Mohsen Shandiz

A small tribute

June 21, 1999
The Iranian

The past few years have been difficult for 74-year-old Ahmad Shamlu.

Iran's greatest living poet and one of the most influential literary figures of the century has been battling various health problems, some associated with diabetes. In Mid-June he was hospitalized in Tehran mainly because of mental fatigue, according to his family.

A few days earlier he was awarded Sweden highest prize for writers who emphasize human rights and freedom of expression in their work. Here are just a few of his poems:

* Taraaneh-ye Bozorgtarin Arezu
* Man o To, Derakht o Baarun
* Ofoq-e Roshan

* Barf
* Shabaaneh

* Ey Kaash Aab Budam
* Hanooz Dar Fekr-e Aan Kalaagham
* Pariya
* (Untitled...)

* Maahi

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