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The rain
Poem taken from Simon & Garfunkel's "Kathy's Song"

By Shah Zendegi
October 6, 1999
The Iranian

I hear the drizzle on the road
Like memory they fall
Soft and warm, tapping on my roof and walls

And from the shelter, I call my mind
Through the window to the world, I call my eyes
I gaze beyond the rain drencehd streets
To Iran, where my heart lies

My mind is distracted and fused
My thoughts, many miles away
They lie with you as you sleep
To kiss your ground as I awake

I don't know where I spend my time
Writing thoughts that have NO END
With words that tear and stray

So, I have come to doubt what I hold true
I stand alone without a belief
The only truth I know is memories of YOU

As I watched the drop of rain, leaving its weary path
I knew I was the rain, without the grace of your stain
A forgotten past, my "vatan" stay true ...

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