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Take all you want

By Siamak Kiarostami
October 6, 1999
The Iranian

when she told me she studies poverty
i thought about what i could give her
then when she made me laugh
i fell in love with her.

i smile
because all it took to meet you was to leave sanity
but i am aware
that here the awkwardness of necessity is overwhelming.

have we found a solace and an insecure peace?
or are we just thrust as close together
as these heavy glass shields of ours will permit --
all the while averting our eyes away from each other´s nakedness.

stammering and staggering through these days
playing chess with my words
i look at you often.

what night was it that you too learned to fear feeling vunerable?
understand we are 2 conversations away from falling in love
and i am tired of only hinting at greatness with you.

take this heart, take the time
to take this pen and write yourself
a page in this book -
take all you want, love.

till the december morning
when my bags will stand packed
and a plane will wait
to unravel
this history in the making.

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