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By Sepidé Majd
August 28, 2000
The Iranian

Composition, color and the unconscious mind are key components of my work. I use these elements together to convey my surrounding, as I relate to it, and as it relates to me. The biggest challenge I encounter when working is to successfully bring to life what I see and feel with my mind's eye.

This challenge leads me on a journey, towards a never-ending process of learning and experimenting with different types of medium and subject matter. I choose my medium according to its success in conveying my vision; hence the diversity in the collection of my work.

Through this process of learning and experimenting, I try to keep my work honest and fresh. To sum it up, Matisse says it best:

"You have to know how to preserve that freshness and innocence a child has when it approaches things; you have to remain a child your whole life long and yet be a person who draws energy from the things of the world."


Sepidé Majd's work has been exhibited at numerous galleries in Washington, DC, and Virginia. She has a degree in fine ares from Corcoran School of Art in Washington, DC.

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