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Happy Noruz?

By Setareh Sabety
March 28, 2001
The Iranian

today there is no scream in my throat

or flow in my pen

today there is no voice

from neither heaven nor hell

today there is only silence

or maybe a croaking trace of an old yell

and the residue of a laugh long gone

neither smile nor frown makes more than a timid appearance

today in the deepest of places there is only a numbing pain

the kind that lasts so long

you think it was always there

like a taken-for-granted friend

today the tears are lodged in the corner of the eye

never ever wanting to fall

today is when once a year I remember

what will never be again

spring is here

but I am there

in a place that is so far away

so long ago

that no one can come to visit or stay

today I am alone in this nameless place

3 am, Noruz, 2001
Middletown, Maryland

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