Flower delivery in Iran


Flower delivery in Iran

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A war story

By Jim Luchte
November 27, 2001
The Iranian


the shadow of lady macbeth

stands sleepwalks & screams

throughout the realm of our lives

blood soaked killers spit upon

the charred bodies of the dead:

'is that not what we do indeed possess,

always & forever, 'innocence'

sit stare flow clouds through dirt

stained window streams white

brushes against blue dome inexorably

remixes torrent movement attention

drawn away by sickens manipulates

voice vomits out lies hate voice

eventually ceases quickly

replaces by sober calculating cold

phone call interrupts speaks of war

inevitability of ruthless bloody ground

war the television speaks

'he has war tested troops & has seen

many war time situations

could he be coaxing us in

coaxing us in coaxing us in...

endless monotonous sinister baseless

speculation idle lying sickens

horrible b-movie foul stench

people paid to be absurd speculators

experts pundits token minority gray

haired glasses wears african american

male speaks of the likelihood of casualties

three fourths of frontline ground troops

african american pre-calculated

damage control public relations

laying of the ground for the ground war

complex of domination sings disempowering

lullabye descending upon us a form of sleep

immersed within dream experience

disconnects disposable images

forgetful bits distract propaganda continual

maintains reaffirmation after

reaffirmation after reaffirmation

just like goebbels & his big lie

lie of our lives tentacles control police

pathetic herd within disciplinary corral

necessary component within systems

psychology of war people need release

one to be incorporated dissent rationalized

moment within reproduction of terrestrial

configuration matrix networks systems

production facilities force fed examples

emulate driving us away nausea sickens

festers guilty herd lies to itself reassures

itself strangles herd dark amorphous dangerous

realm rage rules mold brains sheep confused

twisted chaotic hunks rots stinking cranial flesh

no one dare deviate for fear of reprisal

exclusion isolation hiding within the belonging

another herd many herds recognizable herds

complete with cowboys cowgirls

attack herd dogs concrete situation

lives presence converted prison

engulfs frustration powerlessness

only by identification with dominant faction

of herd only with this mediated experience

of power an illusion of power can life attain

meaning actualization purpose only through

seduction does one become free late evening

dark outside gaze out window see lighted

windows across courtyard reflection television shines

in window my reflection sit there look into the eyes

examine the face texture coloration hair long front

messy dark hair dark shirt encases hunched over

thin male can no longer hear the voices shut them

off disconnect from system consent manipulation

escape situation herd war it remains all remains

ever voracious amount of dissent it can incorporate

as raw material within its own systematic articulation

music chaotically dances within the discipline of the score

words no longer matter being swept into the movement

of sound streams blurs of images emotive terrorism

weakens those attempting to break out from all points

entrapped within the shock troops of narrow obedience

submission another retired general how novel how novel ...

become confused must listen must participate some way

empathic guilt tempts me people slaughtered burnt alive

private interests western rich orgy rape simultaneous

another way to kill two birds with one stone

nauseated by my complicity watch participate

bystander consume spectacle rape murder genocide

roll cigarette laughing hysterically demonically

set cigarette at edge of table grab two toothpicks

will place them between eyelids keep force eyelids

open constantly will not miss any of the coverage

this will be my participation my praxis posture

my body masochistically towards television

inviting the manipulative disinformation

venomous mindless terroristic advertising

this is mine i have meaning here

as a consumer & a herd animal

i am needed i am given a purpose

a reason for living

jacking off to the technical discourse of genocide

grow demented naming the toothpicks

one bill on the right hillary on the left

begin to rub hillary until

she pokes out my left eye

scream in ecstasy as the storm

in the gulf surges through my being

in my own mind i become the war in the gulf

visceralized as a physical war against myself

chop off each of the fingers

on my right hand mix bleach with ammonia

send out clouds of noxious chemical vapors

shove bloody stump of hand into mixture

breathe in gas! choke cry spit blood

set fire to chemical burns off my face

skin bubbles resin searing flesh

smell my body burning

see the antiseptic face of the newscaster

wishing the head a good day

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Flower delivery in Iran


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Flower delivery in Iran
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