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Dancing flame

By Yooseph Azad
August 14, 2002
The Iranian

Confined in the crystal prison of deathly solitude,

Bound with the heavy chains of fear,

Shivering in the fierce coldness of shameless forgetfulness,

I stand still under the dark skies,

Dreaming of the starry nights of my childhood,

My mother's lullaby still echoes in my mind,

But awake I remain in my crystal prison,

Wondering if there shall be a sunrise after this endless night,

Frightened by the nightmare of sinking down into the dark hole of time,

Yet I stand strong with faith in the sun,

A faith untouched by the rotten hands of darkness,

Warm as a young mother's embrace,

An everlasting fire with dancing cinnabar flames,

Flames of an immortal love within my heart.

July 16, 2002

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