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Looking down
Photo essay: Iran from 10,000 meters above

By Ali
June 4, 2002
The Iranian

Imagine that you are on board the Emirites Airline Boeing 777-300 flight number 001 leaving Dubai at 7:45 am to London on its 7 hour trip. You will definitely experience the most beautiful 2 hours of live video footage flying over Iran (assuming the sky is clear and visibility is good!).

The plane is equipped with "downward and onward" high resolution cameras that are linked to 12" screens in front of every seat. Instead of watching one of the regular airplane movies, you will set the camera to "downward" and enjoy the most interesting footage of Iran from 10,000 meters above sea level as the plane makes its way over Persian Gulf, Esfahan, Shiraz, Urmiyeh Lake and more.

You can see valleys & mountains, rivers & dry lakes, highways and byways. You don't have to guess about your exact location. Boeing's GPS tells you exactly where you are on another channel. On the way back from London, Esfahan's night time signature is the most beautiful of all displaying the organic old city surrounded by straight lines of the new city.

Enjoy the virtual - yet very real - ride over Iran.

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