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Setting the record straight

By Solmaz Sharif
June 13, 2002
The Iranian

veiled women
with eyes peeking through
still managing to burn
with a sexual intensity
and you know
how the aladdin story goes

and then there's the other one
about the persian girl
who coos and bites at all the right times
and presents her self
as a cuisine to be

but when my story was written
it was all wrong

i claim
make my own little hostage crisis
wherever i go
language my firearm
and quiet my ally

i terrorize
with nothing more than
explosions of passion
that ooze out of my pores
my skin
just happy to feel the sun

i treat
everywhere i go
like a pilgrimage
and people follow
my body
is The temple

i battle
with allah
but even he's too scared
to respond
must've been the boom in my laugh

you see

my story was written
all wrong

now i make it alright

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Solmaz Sharif

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