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Life in five

By Solmaz Ziad
March 14, 2002
The Iranian


Where are you hiding?

Do you have a pulse?

Do pockets of air pass through your soft lips?

Does your passionate spirit fuel irrational, yet perfect trains of thought?


Do you always mark your presence through the window of your eyes?

How far have you travelled? was the journey treacherous? Tedious? worth anything at all?

Tell me... is ignorance bliss? Is any of this worth it?

When will you divulge your truth?

Perhaps you have already done that with a basket of your virtuous seeds in one hand, and your other fist heaving knowledge into the air that we breath, the soil that we tread, the water that we drink; all at the begining of time...

The answers are all there, but for the sake of faith in the future, become the narrator to the play that we all have equal roles in


Go Away!

I'll close my eyes, float into sleep, and when my sun rises, you will be marked absent.

Close the doors that are permeable to the illusion of understanding.

You have done enough, now leave and slice a piece of your pastry of wise, analyzing capacity for others to indulge in.

You don't rest in the books that I read, the exams that I fail, or the appearance of a studious person.

We are all enrolled in your program long before the enlightenment of your vastness.

Now please, pack your belongings, look ahead, and leave.


Has anyone ever told you how much you look like your blood realtive, Truth?

It's true. Your quivering voice, racing heart, darting mind, the exact same course of emotion that Truth lives through everytime it is revealed. Ironic!

Your mirror tells all.

From what I can see, you just might be honest


You have been here before.

You are a charmer, with your unintrusive face, soft eyes, and coy eloquece.

You dance your way around the crowds of unassuming victims and then sink your teeth deep into hearts that are caught off guard.

Without you, where would we all be? Better? Probably not. Worse? Definately not!

That's okay, I like you. you add flavor to life and you sharpen senses. It's something that we cant get away from.

We all come back stronger after meeting you, and each time our eyes meet, it's like the first, so the hurt is fresh, the wound is evident, yet curable with the bandage of time.

Because Time is where you all live and exist.

Love. Soul. Intellect. Lies. Pain. You are all travellers in the airport of time. You sleep there. Rest your tired feet and energize. Time will reveal you all, sometimes one by one, and sometimes all at once

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By Solmaz Ziad

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