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Living canvas
Body painting

By Martin Armand
October 11, 2002
The Iranian

From Body Painting is truly one of humanity's oldest forms of visual expression. Throughout the ages, many civilizations have used the human body to convey messages important to their culture and beliefs.

From the beginning of time, body painting has been a part of rites marking birth, initiations into adulthood, marriage ceremonies, and death rituals. From geishas to Native Americans, decorative body art has been an integral part of culture the world over.

Even thought it doesn't carry the same meanings in today's society, body painting is still all around us. Just go to any street fair where there is a face-painting booth, and watch people line up- both young and old-waiting to transform themselves into a walking piece of art.

There are endless possibilities of going from reality to fantasy through the use of the "living canvas" and body painting. Combining body art with props, music, and dance creates a perfect platform for all kinds of performance art, whether it's a fashion show, a stage act, or even a school play.

This art can be used party planners, professional photographers, theater groups, modeling agencies, film studios, and other entertainment and performance artist.

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By Martin Armand
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