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Age 4 plus
Handmade greeting cards

By Misha Zadeh
October 30, 2002
The Iranian

Misha Zadeh made her first greeting card at age 4, magic markers and imagination in hand. Her parents, both architects, encouraged Misha's love for creating beautiful objects. She followed her passion to the University of Washington, earning a double degree in Graphic Design and Interdisciplinary Visual Art.

Misha's elegant artistic style has received local and national recognition. After working with several award-winning design firms in Seattle, Misha founded Turquoise Creative in 2001. The company's line of colorful, handmade greeting cards debuted this spring at Burnt Sugar, a boutique in Seattle's charming Fremont neighborhood.

When she's not designing, Misha can be found working on "the house" with her husband Ben, lazing around with beagle Zoe enjoying the urban life with her eclectic mix of friends. --

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By Misha Zadeh

Turquoise Creative



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