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Hard earned
Photo essay: Minab's basket weavers

By Sahar Adham
January 23, 2003
The Iranian

For centuries the women of Minab on the Persian Gulf coast have been weaving baskets and mats using leaves from date palm trees. Their handicraft is unique to Iran. Every Thursday the women basket weavers gather around in the local bazaar, selling their products. On that day the bazaar becomes alive by the sound of the women talking, haggling and joking with each other. These are hardworking women, working hard to earn money for their families and children. The family economy depends on them and their hard work.

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The date palm tree. The women use the leaves to weave their baskets and mats with. In the villages of Minab, every resident has a tree to his or her name. Here palm trees are considered almost holy presents from God.

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