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The baby asked

By Business Man
January 22, 2003
The Iranian

And the bombs fell down

As the cries went up

Once again mothers, the elderly and children are victims of another war

That they in no way wanted to be a part of thanks to the egos of men

Firing from every side

Forced to look head on into barrels fired into their faces

The screams of the innocent will forever cry

From tunnels that loudly echo needless pain and suffering

If you listen closely, you can hear them even now

One cry I hear of suffering is from a wonderful loving mother

Shielding her precious baby girl as a bomb explodes near by

As blood flowed from her lacerated and torn body

She wept, not because of the intense pain she felt

But more because of an acute awareness that death was near

And knowing that a lifetime with her child amounted to only minutes and seconds

And just a fleeing moment to express her deepest emotions to her baby girl

So she embraced her baby girl tighter than ever before

And just before taking her last breath, in a soft voice said,

"I will always love you and be beside you in everything you do, my precious child"

And the baby just cried why, why, why

The baby girl was now alone, abandoned and covered by a torn and burned blanket

With her mother's limp arms still wrapped around her with a ghostly smile

That was reflected from a lamp streaming into a shadow on the floor

People were in a panic, running in all directions

War, once again, has its special way of causing mass confusion intensified by the darkness of the night

Bombs continue to fall as some lay down and succumb to fear

As others search for a safe place of refuge

The orphaned baby girl is aware of what was happening because

Children are born conscious of life and death no matter how young

And they are blessed with a God given innate desire to continue living

And curious enough to ask any type of question

No matter how profound, direct, simple or desperate

And the baby cried why, why, why

A soldier subsequently rescued the baby girl

And it's ironic that it was someone from the opposing side

He told her, "I will take care of you and find you a safe place of refuge"

Hungry, scared, sad and despondent, she gazed into his eyes

And cried why, why, why

And the soldier said, "I am not sure why I am holding you or even why I should care

However, I believe that all children should be protected and feel safe

Because they are innocent, have no political affiliations and the Country I love so dearly and willing to die for, feels the same

So I will take care of you precious little girl"

Confused and comforted to be held by someone once again

With a subtle grin on her face and a glow in her eyes

The baby girl who has never spoken asked

"Will my mama be there? I want my mama."

(After a moment of intense silence)

The baby cried why, why, why

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