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Laughing at the world
Poking fun at some very serious global issues

Cartoons & illustrations by Hadi Farahani
April 16, 1999
The Iranian

Hadi Farahani was born in 1968 somewhere in Tehran, he says. He lived an extremely boring life and to make it a little more interesting, he constantly tried to find little funny things about his small home and even smaller neighborhood.

He considered Gol Koochik, Haft Sang and Alak Dolak extremely violent games and while other kids were busy playing, his most exciting activity was reading Tin Tin and Asterix comic books.

He started drawing cartoons at an early age. But it was not until he was 18 that he realized, despite what everyone had said, he could enjoy drawing cartoons AND make money at the same time.

He started drawing illustrations for Soroush magazine in Tehran where he worked with people at least twice his age. Being a cartoonist and having to draw illustrations for the magazine gave him a certain approach to subjects. He tried to find funny things even in the driest articles.

Farideh Esfandi, a charming and beautiful colleague at Soroush magazine, made him realize that there was more to life than just cartoons and there was more in cartoons than just drawing them. She gave him the courage to take himself and his funny job seriously and before he knew it, he had four successful exhibitions, most of them landmarks in Iran's post-revolutionary period.

Farahani has won several awards. His works have appeared in seven countries and in more than 30 magazines and publications. He lives in Toronto, Canada, and feels proud to know that every single penny he has made has come from drawing cartoons and illustrations. Go to first cartoon:

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