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Last Supper index

Farhad Aeesh's
Last Supper Comedy

Photographs by J. Javid
August 1997
The Iranian

Farhad Aeesh's latest play, "Last Supper Comedy", is an adaptation of Monty Python's "The Meaning of Life". The play caricaturizes Iranians at a dinner party somewhere in the U.S. as they face their eventual fate. The photographs below were taken during a rehearsal.

The play will be shown at the Darvag Theater this month. For information, call (510) 841-8777 or (510) 466-5299.

The actors, in the order of appearance: Mojdeh Mowlavi - Mansour Taiid - Maedeh Tahmasbi - Farhad Aiish - Bernadet Rad - Ali Dadgar - Toranj Yeghyazarian - Koorosh Angali and Behzad Gol-mohammadi. Director: Farhad Aeesh. Assistant director: Sana Nouri.

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