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February 15, 2003
The Iranian

Part 1

5 November 2002

I couldn't believe this was really happening. What had happened to me in the last couple of months (or should I say weeks!) hasn't ever happened to me. Am I really going to see him tomorrow? Is he really coming to see me? What if he doesn't like me, I mean a picture is not the same as REAL life. What if he doesn't even recognize me!

I looked at the clock, it was already too late. HE arrives tomorrow at 8 o'clock in the morning. So I have to be ready to go to the airport at 7 am! Is he as nervous as I am? I mean, what if I think he's a creep? Still I have no choice but to spend the whole day with him, as he's going back to Sweden at night. Come on Awi, don't get all frustrated. As my grandmother would say, "Har chi ghesmate" -- accept whatever is your fate.

About 5 months ago my friend Bahar downloaded this site, where you can voice chat with all sorts of people of different nationalities. Of course we went straight into the Iranian rooms. In the topics were about politics, music, sheytooni, bahs-e azad and so on? Some places we entered people DOROOOD-ed at us, as if we were regular voice chat public. Other rooms bounced us right away.

We even went to some rooms where they were shouting their heads off, the so-called KAL KAL rooms, a bunch of neurotic, frustrated, depressed, weedsmoking, Iranians, shouting and swearing at each other from different sides of the world, safely behind their PS! Gardan koloftaaye in dore zamoonaro toro khodaa!

A whole new world had opened in front of my eyes. I went to these rooms where they played music, I added people to my friends list and before I knew what was happening I was typing 24-7 away on the keyboard.

I went into this room SaRzAmInE RoYaHa a few weeks ago. The admin's ID was @Lavashak. I had seen him but never paid too much attention to him. There weren't too many people in the room and then we started talking, eventually the people who were in the room got bored as we only paid attention to each other. After a week or two we started sms-ing each other and then it led to midnight talking on the phone.

Can I make it any more obvious? I down right fell for this guy. His manly voice had this warm, friendly tone to it. .AND NOW HE WAS COMING ALL THIS WAY TO SEE ME? Damn it!

I rushed out of bed and started to get dressed. Thank god I had put aside my clothes last night. This morning I stood up early, so I could take the time and get dressed. When I looked to see if the flight had any delays, I saw to my horror that it would arrive 20 minutes earlier than planned. I got up took a quick shower and put my make up on. Rushed into my clothes, drank some milk and took some gum with me for the stinky breath.

When I finally arrived at the airport it was already 15 minutes too late. I went to the information desk and asked to have his name paged. "OMID please report to the information desk by gate 2...":

6 November 2002

How can I ever have doubted this? It just feels perfect. Right now we are in each others arms on my bed. He has his hands around me and I just feel so safe. I can feel its so right. I'm listening to his heart beat -- as the memories of the day pass me by.

Two minutes after the lady at the information desk called out his name. I saw this guy coming towards the information desk. He is wearing a pair of light blue jeans (which he bought specially for this occasion) a white sporty sweater and creme coloured boots. He has big shoulders and biceps, long legs like soccer players. He recognized me immidiatly and walked towards me with this big smile on his face. I smile back at him and as we reach each other we shake hands and kiss. We started walking towards the train station.

He asks me: "Awi freak zadi?" (his way of saying are you disappointed)

I answered : "Na, mage to freak zadi?"


We were standing in the crowded train. It was so HOT. I felt all my make up melting away on my face. I was leaning against the side and he was standing in front of me. He kept looking at me. I asked him: "Chie, chera injori nega mikoni?" (Why are you looking at me like that?)

"Az sued oomadam inja. Negat nakonam khanoom cheshm asali? (I came all the way from sweden and I'm not allowed to look at you -- Miss Hazel Eyes?)

I smiled at him and he smiled back. I noticed he had beautiful eyes and eyebrows. Not like most Iranian men, who have just this straight hairy line which starts from one ears to the other. Omid had these nice shaped eyebrows and everytime he talked in his sheytooni way, his left eyebrow moved up and down.

We decided to go for a drink at my place and see what to do the rest of the day. When we arrived we turned on the computer and went straight into the chatrooms. My friend Negin was online. The only one who knew Omid was coming to see me. As soon as she saw my name she invited me into a private room and started shouting in the mic: "AWIIIIII OOOMMMAAADDD??? AWIIII CHIII SHOOODDDD? " (Did he come? What happened?)

Omid and I just started laughing, she couldnt hear us and as I feared she would have a heart attack any minute. I just turned on my webcam and she started screaming and shouting with her little voice when she saw Omid sitting next to me.

As I was typing away to answer Negin's guestions on what we were doing and where we wanted to go, Omid slowly took over the mouse and closed the webcam. I didn't pay much attention to it as Negin was shouting away at me, screaming all happy.

Omid moved from his place and stood behind me putting his hands on my shoulder. I trembled...he started giving me a massage and started to move his fingers through my hair. I felt so relaxed, I pushed my head against his stomach and looked up at him upside down. He bend over and kissed me on my lips... I was swooooooning, flying away. A thought went through my mind "Has he been watching Spiderman?"

I quickly put away those thoughts as his hands reached for the key board, pushing the escape button while Miss Negin was still shouting...

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