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February 23, 2003
The Iranian

Part 2

18 November 2002

"Chi sedaa konam toro, to ke az gol behtari. Kaashki bad boodi azizam mishod az yaadam beri. Awi kojaaee baby?"

"Injaam Omid, I was just daydreaming, chikaar mikoni?"

"Nothing I'm cooking, baavaret mishe? Ever since I came back 10 kiloo chaagh shodam!! I think it's because I miss you so much, ASAABAM KHOORDEH and I just keep eating. Awi mesle GAAV shodam!"

I can't believe it has been almost 2 weeks since Omid was here. I miss him so much. That evening he went back to Sweden. Ever since we have been talking in the chatrooms and on the phone. I'm trully in love... that's something that doesn't happen a lot. I miss him soooo much... Oh I said that already... well I really really do...

That evening we were supposed to go out for dinner, instead we ended up in this coffee shop near the train station. If you live in Amsterdam or if you have ever visited these coffee shops in Amsterdam, you'll know what kind of stuff you can get there and need I say coffee isn't the main item on the menu. I have been living in Amsterdam for over 16 years now. But never had I stepped into these places. I was kind of curious. Omid wanted to go too, because he just couldn't believe it.

4:27 pm

We went inside through a small door and the scent of weed caught us offguard....

We sat down at this wooden table and looked at the menu.

Weed 80% >>> $ ...

Hashish >>> $ ...

Mixed package >> $ ...

"Which one should I get?"

"Huh? You're asking me?"

"Khob baby man ke nemifahmam chi neveshte injaa!"

The guy next to us said, "Do you want advice? Take the mix, that will get you going!"

Five minutes later...

Omid: "LONG LIVE FREEDOM, PEACE... this is sooooo cooool... I can't believe I'm actually doing this in public... sitting in a coffee shop. Rolling it up and smoking away while drinking coffee! I love this country YEAHHH!"

Thirty minutes later....

"Awi saram daare micharkhe! (Awi my head is spinning around) What the hell was this shit!? It was so strong! How am I ever going to drive home from the airport now?"

Omid was feeling so high from all that smoking that he wasn't quite his cheerfull self. As we were sitting in the train he looked so sad and frustrated. I was afraid he was totally going to freak out! I sat next to him and put his head on my shoulder...

Omid: "Awi are we really going through a tunnel or am I just tripping?"

I looked out the window and saw nothing but farms and fields.

"Na azizam, don't worry you're not tripping. We are indeed going through a tunnel."

I really wonder how he's going to drive home!

On my way back home, Negin called me on my mobile. I know Negin for more than 2 years and she's really close to me. Last year she came to Amsterdam with her parents and we decided to meet and we really clicked. We had been best friends ever since. We talk every day. She called me to ask me how it all went. I said it went fine except for the end when the boy got high!

She laughed: "DUHHH azizam, it's Amsterdam. Don't you remember how drunk we were last summer?"

"I know Negin, but last year you were here for a week and we were at least completely sober the first day!"

Negin: "Areeeee yaadete Awiiiii? We were soo drunk!"

Negin had met someone online too, just like me. So it kind of felt like we bonded. Except her so-called boyfriend lived in Dubai and she lived in Sweden. They were 'cyberseeing' each other for a year and I just can't grasp how they can live like this.

She had no money because she lived off daddy's money. But daddy got really angry and cut her allowance in half because daddy's "little" 27-year-old girl had quit her study. Her cybermate was even worse off. In Dubai he was an illegal resident. So there was no chance of seeing each other for a century or two.

However Abbas (her cyberboy) and Negin had found the perfect way of having full control over each others' lives. Their webcams were turned on 24/7 and as the webcam can't be moved too far away from the computer, neither would their bodies! Talk about seriously addicted! They even watched each other sleep, eat, drink and God knows what else.

Whenever they had a fight, it was always about something really stupid (I think they did it on purpose because they both got tired of staring at each others' buttocks 7 days a week, but neither dared to admit it!!) and then the cams got turned off and Negin would call me, screaming all hysterical, that she would never ever talk to him again, that she hated him and so on. At first I comforted her, as I really thought this was the end of their relationship. After a while I began to understand that it just meant they wanted to get out of the house every now and then.

WOAH!! Did I just have a glimpse into the future?

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