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March 15, 2003
The Iranian

Part 5

23 November,10pm
Sonya's place

After changing clothes, having a drink or 2 (in Negin's case a drink or 10!). We decided to call for a cab so that we could all get drunk and not worry about driving home. We were sitting in the kitchen at Sonya's place.

Nahal was sitting next to me. I started to like her. She had this tinny little voice, like a voice of a 9-year-old girl. Omid had his drink in his hand and was standing, leaning against the fridge. Listening to our conversation and every now and then winking at me. Negin was doing her hair and talking on the phone with Abbas joon. Of course Abbas wanted to check if Omid was the only guy.

Omid went to talk to Abbas on the phone. That's when Nahal turned around, faced me and asked: "Chikaar kardi baa in Omid?"

I said, "What do you mean. What did I do to Omid?"

"He looks soooo much in love with you."

"I didn't do anything. I love him to, I really do. But how come you think he's sooo much in love?"

"Come on Awi. It's so obvious. Well first of all, the way he looks at you, with this light in his eyes. And when I ask him something like, 'Where should we go?' He looks at you. What to eat? He looks at you."

"Listen Nahal joon, I have been searching for someone I can really trust and I feel like I can trust Omid with my life. I know he would never do anything to hurt me."

"Yeah that's the most important thing. Trusting your mate!"

We called a cab. This Turkish guy was the driver. Negin sat next to him and she began to flirt with him. Her legs were on his dashboard!!! She asked the taxi driver in her high and very drunk voice, "You aren't going to charge us, are you? I mean 4 beautiful girls and a beautiful guy (if you're into THAT kind of shit).. you should be paying us!!!" Nahal and Sonya were laughing. Omid wasn't saying much, I think he was drunk already.

Moulin Rouge

We arrived at Moulin Rouge, a bar, restaurant and club, run by Iranians, in the heart of Stockholm -- at least I think it was the heart! Could be the kidney!

Omid and Negin were already drunk. I, on the other hand, never get too drunk, to party without any limits. Negin, however, was standing on a table dancing at the end of the evening. She rubbed her body against everybody. I didn't mind. Nahal on the other hand, was quite imbaressed. Nahal didn't even take her coat off or dance even once!! She just sat at the table, playing with her mobile!! Calling up people from the chatrooms and talking to them for hours!!! I really didn't care!

At one point, this girl, who I have to say wasn't that ugly, started talking to Omid. She had a real sexy top which was very low cut, with a mini skirt. It was as if she knew him. His ear was close to her mouth, as she was shouting into his ear.

I went on dancing.

The thing is, I'm not a jealous kind of girl. I trusted Omid and this was his country, so he could have friends living here. I wasn't going to make a point out of it. They were talking about 5 minutes or so, when Negin came up to me and asked who was the "girl-in-the-trashy-outfit"? I really didn't know.

Negin looked at me and said: "BORO BREAK THEM UP!"

I said: "Na baba Negin, maybe she's a friend! I don't have to get all jealous here!"

Negin:"GHALAT MIKONEH FRIEND BAASHE! Omid chegadr khare, he was dancing with you!!! He shouldn't be talking to her, for so long!! If you're not doing anything Awi, khodam hesaabesho miresam!"

Negin got herself all angry and moved towards them, before I could stop her. While dancing she winked at Sonya and showed her what was going on with her eyes and Sonya started to follow her towards Omid and the girl. She stuck her head between Omid and the girl, who were talking in each others' ears. I noticed the girl's hand was on Omid's elbow. Negin yelled out: "BASSE DIGE!!!"

Omid and the girl got a shock from Negin's high voice and came out of a trance. Sonya pulled the poor girl to the side and started talking to her and moving her hands and arms. By the expression of her face, I realized it wasn't a friendly conversation.

Omid came up to me and we started to dance. Two minutes later, the girl, whose name is Armita, came towards us and shook my hand and said: "Salam, I'm Armita, the girlfriend of Omid's best friend! Hi nice to meet you!"

I wished the ground would just open and swallow me! Why did Negin do that? That was really cheap.


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