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March 26, 2003
The Iranian

Part 6

24 November, 1 am

-- "Nahal If you don't start dancing this minute, bekhodaa mikoshamet!"

-- "Baba Awi, the music sucks!"

-- "EEEEEEEEH! Mage to aahange 'Naazi joon' o doost nadari? Move your lazy..."

-- "Ok. Next song, I promise."

-- "Nahal KALATO MEEKANAM if you don't get up!"

Nahal was leaving. She said she had something important, involving school, to do in the morning. I didn't believe her. I think she just wanted to get the hell out of Negin's way. Or she was really desperately trying to avoid the dance floor.

Negin hugged her: "Nahal, I'm really sorry about the fight we had. Let's never fight again."

Nahal said, "Yeah it wasn't worth it, donyaa 2 roozeh."

I hugged Nahal and said: "I'm really happy I finally met you!" And I really ment it.

Nahal hugged me back and said she would call me in the morning, so maybe we could go out for a cup of coffee.

When Negin, Omid and I, escorted Nahal to the door of the club and into the cab. Negin grabbed Omid's arm and pinched him.

-- "AAAKH!! Cheraa veshgoon migiri!?"

-- "Taa to baashi dige hey baa in dokhtaraa garm nagiri. Awi is like my sister to me. I love her soo much. If you even think about hurting her, I will find you and deal with you myself! BICHAARAT MEEKONAM!"

I said, "Negin, azizam, bikhiyaal. "

-- "Na chi chiyo bikhyaal. He has to learn that he can't do this to you."

Omid said, "I'm sorry Negin. But this girl is my friend's girlfriend!"

-- "Well she wasn't that good of a girlfriend! I didn't see your friend anywhere. Khaanoom khalvat karde bood ke emshab injaa pesar toor kone! It seemed to me you enjoyed being her target.

-- "Na baba!"

Negin started to laugh from her own wit and dragged us inside, where the party was still happening.

2 am

At this point, Negin was reallllllly wasted. She started dancing all weird, with this I'm-easy-tonight kind of look. She grabbed my hand and Omid's and started dancing and rubbing herself against me. I was feeling a bit wooooo-ish. from all that booze, so I didn't really make an effort to be politically correct (NAKON ZESHTE JOLO MARDOM!).


As we were getting ready to take a cab and go home, Negin started saying she has this urge for some kalleh paacheh! As I really despise kalleh paachehh (Sorry to all the kalleh paacheh eaters, but I just can't stand the idea of eating the contents of a head! Even if it's an animal's barin, tongue and...). Negin suggested that she and Omid would go to this Iranian take-away restaurant and get some kalleh paacheh. Omid was so drunk and sleepy, he didn't want to go. He couldn't possible drive.

Once at Sonya's place, Negin started begging for kalleh paacheh. Omid was almost convinced. I suddenly felt real sorry for him, my poor baby was so sleepy! And I would never let him go with the car. So I sacrificed: "I'll come with you Negin. Let Omid get some sleep! He has been driving all day and he's drunk!

Negin: "NAAA laazem nist. Man o Omid mirim."

She looked at me in this funny way, which I can't describe. Bt I suddenly felt as if all the booze was coming out the wrong way! In my drunkenness I had this intuition I shouldn't let him go with her alone.

So I said: "Ok, so Omid, you and me, will go -- the 3 of us."

Negin: "Pass Sonya chi? Sonya tanhaa mimoone!"

Since when did she care about Sonya keh tanhaa bemooneh?

I said, "Sonya lives alone here. This is her house you know! So delet nasooze."

Sonya: "Baba I'm going to sleep in 5 minutes. I don't care what you guys are planning to do!"

Negin: "Khob pas man pishe Sonya mimoonam, shomaa 2taa berin!"

"'Negin, to mikhaay kalleh paacheh begiri. You are forcing us to go, beggin us. Negh negh kardi az oonja taa injaa and now you want to stay here? You're the only one with the craving for kalleh paacheh at 4 o'clock in the morning!"

Negin: "You stay home with Sonya. Omid and I will go."

"Omid is going nowhere this time of night, all drunk! And that's it! Ajab giri daadiyaa!"

I turned to Omid: "Nemiri haa! It's late."

Omid: "Man ke az khodaame ke naram! I'm so tired!"

Negin: "FINE, then no one goes!"

But you could see she didn't like it.

I started to wonder why she so persisted to go with Omid alone. I thought maybe it's the drunk-Negin talking. Maybe she misses something in her life. I mean she has a cyber boyfriend, whom she will not see in a decade or 2. I decided to not hold it against her.

Sonya was making up the bed. Negin was supposed to sleep in Sonya's room. Omid and I were going to sleep on the living room floor.


Finally my head reached the pillow and I felt my eyes closing, when this big object through itself next to me, got under my blanket, rolled up into my arms, put arms around me, laid its head on my breast and started to talk to me. I opened my eyes. It took me a few seconds to see what was going on. I saw Negin, curled up in my arms, while Omid, on my other side, was almost sleeping... What the he...?"


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