Yasmin Flowers
Photo of Samila Amir Ebrahimi, painter, photographed by Maryam Zandi
Samila Amir Ebrahimi, painter, photographed
by Maryam Zandi

C'est La Vie

Maryam Zandi Can you picture an artist -- that imaginative, sensitive soul -- in today's Iran? Maryam Zandi has done so with startling accuracy and taste in Portraits: A Portfolio of Iranian Artists II (Tehran, 1995).

Zandi (49) is a graduate of Tehran University's School of Law and Political Science. From 1971 to 1983, she worked as a staff photographer for the National Iranian Radio and Television, and its weekly Tamasha (renamed Soroush after 1979).

Here are all the women painters included in the collection. The photos were taken after the 1979 revolution.

Minou As'adi
Iran Daroudi
Nahid Davar-Panah
Zinat Sadat Emami
Shirin Etehadiyeh
Parvaneh Etemadi
Ra'na Farnoud
Pariyoush Ganji
Shahla Habibi
Mansoureh Hosseini
Sara Iravani
Maryam Javaheri
Tali'eh Kamran
Jaleh Kazemi
Farideh Lashaie
Shohreh Mehran
Manijeh Miremadi
Afsaneh Moghaddam
Mina Nouri
Farah Osouli
Zakiyeh Rahimi
Nafiseh Riyahi
Firouzeh Saberi
Behjat Sadr
Masoumeh Noushin "Seyhoun"
Gizella Varga Sinai
Shideh Tami

Click here to see 20 paintings by 20 Iranian women (From March/April 1996 issue of THE IRANIAN).

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