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Alive and Kicking

A painting by Rahmani
"Portrait" by Pantea Rahmani

Selected from "Tajalli-ye Ehsas" ("Expression of Feeling") a collection of works by women painters printed by the Niyavaran Cultural Center in Tehran, 1994. The paintings are in Persian alphabetical order.

Ahdiyeh Ebrahim Shirazi (66K file)
Born 1970, Tehran, high school diploma.
Oil on canvas
122 X95 cm

A painting by Izadprast
Mitra Izadparast (83K)
Born 1943, Ardabil, BA nursing.
"Iran 4"
140 X 92 cm

A painting by Bordbar
Mahnaz Bordbar (99K)
Born 1959, Tehran, high school diploma.
64 X 47 cm

A painting by Tomy
Shideh Tomy (83K)
Born 1962, Tehran, high school diploma.
Acrylic on cardboard
78 X 115 cm

A painting by Josheqani
Saeedeh Josheqani (83K)
Born 1969, Tehran, BA painting.
"Tassvir Rouh" ("Portrait" of a Soul)
Oil on Canvas
45 X 64 cm

A painting by Haqiqi
Mahtab Haqiqi (132K)
Born 1970, Ahvaz, BA painting.
"Zanan Bandar" (The Port Women)
Oil on canvas
100 X 100 cm

A painting by Khashabi
Narges Khashabi (99k)
Born 1962, Tehran, majoring in painting.
"Khalvat Del" (Solitude)
Oil on canvas
84 X 60 cm

A painting by Khoshbin
Homa Khoshbin (116K)
Born 1953, Tehran, BA painting.
"Qabe Aks" (Picture Frame)
Oil on canvas
57 X 44 cm

A painting by Donyadari
Mahkameh Donyadari (83K)
Born 1969, Tehran, BA business.
Acrylic on canvas
60 X 80 cm

A painting by Rahmani
Pantea Rahmani (Top image)
Born 1971, Tehran, majoring in photography.
Oil on canvas
40 X 70 cm

A painting by Nameen
Narges Rasoulzadeh Nameen (99K)
Born 1959, Tehran, BA painting.
"Hoze Kashi" (Kashan Pond)
Oil on canvas
67 X 48 cm

A painting by Salmasiyan
Firouzeh Salmasiyan (66K)
Born 1953, Tehran, high school diploma.
Oil on canvas
66 X 48 cm

A painting by Seyqali
Samiya Seyqali (83K)
Born 1951, Tehran, BA visual arts.
Collage with glass
42 X 72 cm

A painting by Qamari
Touran Qamari (83K)
Born 1960, Tehran, BA art history.
"Zan" (Woman)
Oil on Canvas
100 X 80 cm

A painting by Mohseni
Maryam Mohseni (99K)
Born 1967, Tehran, MA painting.
"Zan" (Woman)
50 X 70 cm

A painting by Moeeni
Mahta Moeeni (99K)
Born 1967, Shiraz, graduate student majoring in painting.
Oil on canvas
40 X 50 cm

A painting by Mizani
Laleh Mizani (83K)
Born 1961, Hamadan, MA painting.
Mixed media
87 X 97 cm

A painting by Kahduie
Nahid Vasseie Kahdouie (83K)
Born 1956, Tehran, BA sociology.
Oil on canvas
75 X 60 cm

A painting by Vafakish
Jamileh Vafakish (66K)
Born 1952, Tehran, BA painting.
Oil on canvas
50 X 70 cm

A Painting by Sadr
Behjat Sadr (83K)
Born 1924, Tehran, BA aesthetic arts.
50 X 70 cm

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