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March 1996 Cover
Photo by Ali Rahbar


No. 4, March/April 1996

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What are my political beliefs? Well, let me tell you...

Responses to articles in the last issue of The Iranian.

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Qeseye Qatle Ketab (Persian)
Many books in Iran don't get printing authorization. Even Sa'di's "Golestan"?
A. Sahameddin

Har Ayb keh Hast dar Mosalmani Mast (Persian)
A reply to an opponent of free speech.
Masoud Behnoud

Freest No More?
New U.S. law limits Internet free speech -- or tries to.
J. Javid

Iran's Power Structure
One view of who rules Iran and how.
Dr. Hooshang Amirahmadi

Ma'roufi dar Dadgah (Persian)
One of Iran's prominent writers fights sentence.

Where the Sky was Once Blue (Persian & English)
A 13-year-old Tehrani's wish for an earth with clear skies.
Mahdiyeh Javid


From Mount Alborz to the Golden Gate (Persian)
A journey.
Nima Behnoud

Nowrouz Tradition
Iranian New Years Tradition.
Mani Ardalan Farhadi

Ashpazbashi (The Soup Guy)
Seinfeld and David Letterman bring fame to Iranian soupmaker.
J. Javid

Taghziyeh Raygan: Mimas or Danish?
Remembering free snacks in Iranian schools and its relation to stock trading.
Behrouz Bahmani

Passing Seasons
An American tourist reflects on Iranian hospitality and Iran-U.S. relations.
Stephen Shaffer

Ali's Sweater
A Mashhadi lends warm clothes to an Australian tourist.
Peter Kiernan


Visiting the VOA
Behind-the-microphone look at the Voice of America's Persian section.
J. Javid

"Most Popular" Iranians
Iranians online vote for their favorite characters in history.

Eat This
dAyi Hamid gets serious. He wants you to cut meat from your diet.
dAyi Hamid

"Gulf War" II
Debating the media's deletion of "Persian" from the "Persian Gulf".

Modern Romance
Today, more twists and turns take place by the doorway than in bed.
Edwin Dobb


Bebakhshid, shoma Irani hastid...? (Persian)
A beard says you're a Hezbollahi. A tie says you're a Taghouti...

Chatting with a 14-year old Iranian in New Jersey.

Identity Crisis: Who Am I?
Dad blares Iranian music at the presence of an American friend...
Bahar M. Jaberi

Why Iranian? Because.
Proud of being Iranian despite foreigners' false image of you.
Ali Parandeh

Don't forget home
Other people are great. But we too have wonderful things to offer.
Mehrnoosh Sadeghi


Winter of 1956: Majlis Elections (Persian)
Headlines and news from a typical example of "free and fair" elections.

From Moscovic to Marilyn Monroe (Persian)
Silly and serious Iranian newspaper ads in the 1950's.

Dokhtar khanom! Movazeb bashid! (Persian)
Iranian female courtship rules circa 1954. Outrageous!







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