Nima Karim-Panah, 10

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Karim Panah's letter
Karim Panah's letter

(From 10-year-old Nima Karim-Panah)

Date: Shahrivar 13, 1375 (1996)

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


I was hoping to find someone who would listen to me and understand what I am going through. If a child does not have a father, he will seek love from his uncles or another man who, from time to time, could act as a father.

I have been deprived of a father and I have no uncles. I have a highstrung mother who gets worse and worse because of the pressures of life. And she is unable to make my dreams and my brother's dreams come true.

I had a good dream this week. When I told my mother about it, she said your dream will come true. But I told myself, when will my dream come true? But by listening to my letter, God has made my dream come true.

My name is Nima Karim-Panah and I am 10-years old.

Our address: [Isfahan] Opposite the University Dormitory, Bloc 19, #5, the Nima residence


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